Christina Aguilera Supports Blake and Gwen’s Romance

Since the fact that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are dating has been revealed, it has been claimed that there might be a feud going on between the two and singer Christina Aguilera, who is set to return to the Voice in 2016. The reason why there might be a feud going on is quite simple. 

Christina Aguilera has served as a judge on the talent show, before deciding to take some time off, during which she was replaced by other singers and most recently by Gwen. Well, the singer is set to return to The Voice next year, which means that Gwen will leave. This actually means that she will no longer work on the Voice with Blake, her new boyfriend, and this makes them both upset. 

Well, it seems that this speculation is not actually true. Christina opened up about the rumors and said that there is no feud going on. “They’re both great people and divorce is rough. Let them have their happiness,” the singer said according to Billboard. Christina also claimed that she has known Gwen for years and she is a really good mom. “One thing I will say is I’ve been through divorce. Divorce is hard enough and then to be under a microscope and scrutinized and rumors. It’s just a bunch of crap,” Christina went on to add. 

The star went on to share an advice saying you should “do what makes your soul feel good,” as after all happiness is all that matters. However, even though she expressed her support for Gwen and Blake’s relationship, some insiders said that Christina is actually scared that she might be removed from the judges’ panel. 

Allegedly, the star fears that the producers will want to keep Gwen instead of her. “She has spoke with producers and made it clear that she will be returning and that Gwen is just keeping her seat warm,” a source said. The insider added that viewers want Gwen on the show because of her relationship with Blake, thus, the best thing that could happen for Christina is the two to break up. “If they have an ugly breakup, viewers will want to watch that too. She is in a very difficult position,” the insider concluded. 

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