Christina Aguilera – Not A Justin Bieber Fan

After last night’s episode of “The Voice” people all over the Internet have started spreading the rumor that Christina Aguilera is not a Justin Bieber fan. According to a report published in the Inquisitr, the singer was very distant with Bieber when he came to say “Hello” to her.

Justin Bieber had a guest appearance on one of America’s most loved shows, “The Voice”. At the end of his performance, he went to shake hands with the jury. Christina Aguilera would have liked to shake hands with the “Boyfriend” interpreter, but instead, he kissed her on the cheek leaving the member of the jury with what was interpreted as a slightly disgusted smile on her face.

The moment was highly discussed among Internet users. Some people claim that Aguilera was actually showing her discontent towards the young singer, but others have found a rather plausible explanation for the moment. According to the singer’s fans, Aguilera was upset because one of the members on her team had just been eliminated from the show. In their opinion, her anger was perfectly justified and, most importantly, it was not directed towards Justin Bieber.

Christina Aguilera released a statement on her website saying that she doesn’t bear any grudges against Justin Bieber. She further stated that the moment was blown out of proportions by tabloids. As a matter of fact, Aguilera told everyone that she finds Bieber to be a “fun” and “charismatic” guy. In the end, she confessed that she liked Bieber’s performance very much because it was a “fun burst of energy” for the show.

On Wednesday, the pop star took to Twitter to talk about the recent rumors. She wrote on her account that the media likes to spin stories, thus suggesting that everything we have heard so far is not true. Later on, she tweeted “Can’t a girl have a little #BieberFever after getting kissed by the Biebs?” to explain why she didn’t maintain a smile after the hug.

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