Christie Brinkley’s conflict with ex-husband Peter Cook continues

Although they’ve been divorced since 2008, Christie Brinkley’s conflict with ex-husband Peter Cook continues even today, according to a recent report published on Access Hollywood. Peter Cook was invited during the Wednesday broadcast of “Good Morning America” where he confessed that he was not pleased with his ex-wife behavior.

The architect accepted the ABC News’ invitation on Wednesday and took the opportunity to let people know that the conflict between him and model Christie Brinkley is not over yet. According to Cook, Brinkley offended him in the past by saying that he is a “deadbeat” dad, so he needed to defend himself against such allegations. He claimed that the actress was lying when she told that he was a bad dad because if her allegations were true she wouldn’t have surrendered the kids to him fulltime.

Brinkley filed court papers against Cook because he refused to pay child support during the period she was filming “Chicago”. The architect explained ABC News’ Elizabeth Vargas that back then, he was taking care of the children on a fulltime basis, so he thought it wasn’t correct for him to pay child support to Brinkley since she was away in the period between March and June.

Cook’s lawyers have found his requests correct, but the child support issue is not the only thing that seems to bother the model. She also seeks to receive additional $140,000 from Cook because he sent her offensive e-mails after the divorce was pronounced. Cook concluded the interview by saying that Brinkley uses these public accusations as a desperate measure to draw the media’s attention upon her being aware that her fame faded long time ago when she featured Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” video.

Brinkley’s attorney also released an interview as a response to Cook’s accusations. He told reporters that his client has followed all the Court orders. He further stated that Cook is obliged by the Court to take care of the children when his ex-wife is gone for more than two days. In fact, Berkley did not agree with the Court’s decision and tried to contest it because she didn’t want to leave her children with her ex-husband.  

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  1. Bullying must be stood up to and I applaud Christie for not taking it anymore. He is clearly trying to defame her and he needs to channel his anger towards positive and beneficial behavior for his kids sake if for nothing else. I would never lump Chritie and this man together, she is a philanthropic, compassionate soul and I wish her peace and even more success!!!

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