Chrissy Teigen Receives Death Threats After Criticizing Chris Brown

Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen found out the hard way that expressing your opinion could be dangerous, despite all the talk about freedom of speech. According to Us Weekly, Teigen received death threats on her Twitter account as soon as she criticized Chris Brown’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

Chrissy Teigen is, or should we say, used to be one of the rare women who continue to support Chris Brown in spite of the scandal between him and Rihanna. The model was very anxious to see the rapper perform at the Billboard Music Awards. She even wrote on her Twitter account that she expects to have a lot of fun and to enjoy the “background fits of rage” coming from the audience. Her great expectations were soon let down because Brown decided to lip sync throughout his entire performance. Apparently, the singer considered that pedaling his bike and dancing was more important than singing.

At the end of the show, Teigen returned to Twitter to tell her followers that she hates “cyclists”. She concluded her post with a sarcastic remark “Why sing when you can dance?” Chris Brown’s fans attacked the model as soon as she posted the message on the Internet.

Some of the messages that the 27-year-old sex symbol received were incredibly mean. One of the fans wrote in response that the model doesn’t do anything but talk, so she should get “raped and murdered”. Others sincerely wished Teigen to become the first “celebrity” to die. The model was willing to fight back at first; she even encouraged Chris Brown’s fans to send more negative messages because she was on a very long flight and she needed something to do. In the end, she realized the whole conversation was pointless, so she decided to end it there. She, nevertheless, wrote that she was very disappointed to see “99% of the most disturbing comments came from young girls”.

Chrissy was not the only person who criticized Brown’s appearance on stage. Pink also wrote that if she ever lip-syncs, she hopes she would be able to do it as well as the rapper. Brown made an indirect reference to the episode on his Twitter account inviting everyone to mind their own music and to make a difference if they feel like it.

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