Chris Tucker risking to lose multimillion dollar mansion, jokes about it

Comedian Chris Tucker is risking losing his multimillion dollar Florida mansion, Associated Press reports.  The actor seems to be coping pretty well with the foreclosure idea, as he still manages to joke about it. He recently “adjusted” his comedy routine, making fun of his debt situation.

Chris Tucker can make people laugh, but now he has to make keep himself in a good mood, as there are some tragic things happening in his financial life. The comedian owes the IRS about 11 million dollars. He is facing foreclosure on his mansion in Florid, which was estimated at a value of 6 million dollars.
In a recent comedy routine, Tucker blames another Wesley Snipes for his problem. “That’s the last time I let Wesley Snipes help me out with my taxes”, he jokes. But the joke has some truth in it. Just like Snipes, Tucker, who has been cashing in millions for each movie in the Rush Hours franchise – and not only – has failed to pay taxes in 2001, 2002 and from 2004 to 2006. Snipes is now in jail for tax evasion.

His comedy act included also jokes about how bad the situation is. He said that he bought two houses and now, he comes from one house to the other to borrow some sugar from himself.
His house in Florida is 10,000-square-foot-wide, it has a lake and a golf course nearby. It has five bedrooms, a spa, an outdoor kitchen, a pool and a basement designed to look like a pirate ship. It was bought in 2007 for the sum of 6 million dollars. Now, that the real estate market has crashed, the house is valued at 1.6 million dollars. Tucker still owes the bank 4.4 million dollars of the original price.

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