Chris Pine Fined for Drunk Driving

Luckily for actor Chris Pine, he was able to get away with just a fine from the accusations of drunk driving in New Zealand. 

Reports revealed that Pine pleaded guilty on this case and was fined by the court. He will not be allowed to drive for about 6 months. The 33 year old actor was found drunk driving after a party that he attended with his colleagues from Z for Zachariah

The actor was stopped by the cops at 3 a.m. for a routine check and the cops found a level of alcohol of 113 micrograms. The legal limit in New Zealand is 80 micrograms, so the actor was taken into custody by the cops. He was charged with drunk driving and Pine chose to plead guilty. 

The deal was good for the star, as he managed to get away with just a fine and a ban on driving for a few months. Even though it has been claimed that the small penalty came because he is famous, it seems that it actually has nothing to do with it. At least, this is what a judge told Pine. 

Judge Joanna Maze said that the actor should be treated just like anybody else who breaks the law and this is why he was banned from driving for 6 months. The actor was also fined. The judge claimed that Pine actually felt really sorry for this whole situation. The actor made a large donation to a New Zealand charity and it seems that this helped him quite a lot to get a smaller penalty for drunk driving. 

The judge also claimed that a factor in her decision was the fact that Pine had a good record. Moreover, the judge mentioned that she knows this case has been in the public’s eye, as Pine is a star. In fact, his lawyer claimed that the conviction has caused the actor emotional and professional damage, due to the negative coverage on this subject. 

Chris Pine remains best known for his role as Captain Kirk in the highly popular Star Trek movie. Reports revealed that Pine was accompanied by his model girlfriend at the time of the events.

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