Chris Moyles To Take On A Fat Suit For Jesus Christ Superstar


Radio 1 is an international phenomenon. Just go down to the beaches of Miami and you’ll see how much love the Americans have for UK’s Radio 1 and its DJs. So it’s no wonder Chris Moyles was trending earlier this morning. Moyles is going to take on a fat suit for upcoming Jesus Christ Superstar part.

The Radio 1 DJ has been popular for a long time now for his belly fat. Sure it might sound harsh but Chris Moyles really pulled it out. And now that he finally slimmed down he has to take on a fat suit to play King Herod in the upcoming “Superstar” reality show.

With Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber in charge of the production of the show, “Superstar” is shaping to be quite spectacular. But there’s a minor issue. “The thing is we signed Chris and now he’s gone and lost all that weight. I think we are going to have to get him a fat suit” said Lord Lloyd Webber.

The producer of the upcoming talent reality show said Chris Moyles is definitely part of “Superstar”. “Having Chris was my idea” said Lord Lloyd Webber. “I knew he could sing – I’d seen him on Celebrity X Factor and we did the usual sing-song around the piano before I hired him” he added.

The Radio 1 DJ is set to play the part of Herod, the baby-killer King “who was a big man”. With Chris Moyles making such an impressive change in his weight, it looks like a fat suit it is. And from the looks of it, Moyles is going to drop even more weight. “Chris has lost shedloads of weight”, said “Superstar” host Amanda Holden. “If they stick him in a fat suit then he’ll lose loads more weight because he’ll be sweating like mad in one of those” she added.

UK’s upcoming talent show is likely to stir up the audience. Radio 1 DJ’s isn’t the only celebrity casted that people are going to really want to see. Melanie C makes for quite an unconventional Mary Magdalene while Judas is played by Tim Minchin. O2 was already sold out in London for the show. 


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