Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence are in a Serious Relationship

Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence are without a doubt a beautiful couple. The two have started to date in August and it seems that things are getting very serious between them. 

The frontman of Coldplay found love very soon after his marriage ended. It seems that the star of the famous band has started to fall in love with his new girlfriend, popular actress Jennifer Lawrence. Sources revealed for US Weekly that the two actually are a perfect match. “It’s a fantasy come true [for Lawrence],” a source claimed, revealing that the actress has always had a crush on Martin. 

Another source explained that things are becoming quite serious between the two stars. “It’s the real deal,” the source said adding that Chris Martin has “fallen in love.” “This is it for Chris. He adores her and they’ve become inseparable. She has pretty much moved in,” another source claimed. The couple started to date in August, after they both ended their previous relationships. Martin and his wife separated earlier this year. 

In fact, Chris Martin has been married to famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow for no less than 10 years. Their marriage ended in March, when the two revealed that they separated. The former couple has two children together, a son and a daughter. Rumors reveal that the two will soon officially file for divorce. 

On the other hand, Jennifer Lawrence separated from her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult during the summer. In this case, it has been said that the distance was to one to blame for the end of the romance. 

After becoming both single, Martin and Lawrence started to spent more time together and it seems that they became closer. Lawrence was there to support the star of Coldplay at the band’s latest concert in Los Angeles, after the two were spotted in West Hollywood enjoying a romantic dinner. 

Naturally, there is no confirmation from the two on the fact that they might be dating, but rumors indicate that they are definitely a couple. Some sources have claimed that the relationship is so serious that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin might even be thinking about marriage.

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