Chris Evans and Jenny Slate Have Separated

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate are no longer a couple. Apparently, the two stars decided to end things. The news was quite unexpected, as the two stars decided to end their romance about one year after their last reconciliation.

Chris and Jenny are quite well-known for their on and off relationship and now is the second time when they decide to end their romance. The news on the separation was first revealed by The New York Times, which indicated that “their on-again, off-again relationship, beloved by the internet, recently ended.”

However, that is all that has been revealed for the moment, meaning that the two stars have provided absolutely no detail to their reasons to end their romance. The two stars first started dating in June 2016, after meeting on the set of Gifted. However, then, the romance did not last for too long, as they ended things in February 2017.

Soon, the pair was seen together once again and they seemed to be enjoying a great time in each other’s company at several occasions. They later confirmed that they decided to reconcile and were trying to make the relationship work. At one point, rumors even claimed that Chris and Jenny were planning on getting married.

In fact, it had been claimed that the two were getting along really well and they were enjoying living together in New York. However, it seems that the happiness could not last and now the two are no longer a couple.

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