Chris Brown to talk about Jail Time

Chris Brown decided to talk about the time he spent in jail and the troubled relationship with Rihanna. The famous singer claimed that maybe he was out of control. However, the star is now willing to move on from his problems with the law. 

The popular singer decided to talk about all these issues in an interview with Billboard. Brown spent no less than 108 days in jail, linked to the assault on Rihanna. The charges of assault were the first issues for the star, who has been having problems ever since. 

“Maybe I was out of control too much. Or I needed something to humble me to the point where I get it. At that point, I didn’t look at it as trying to get out of the situation but learn from it,” Chris Brown claimed during the interview. “My maturity level has risen as far as my realizing what’s important. Realizing that I’m human like everyone else. At the end of the day, it’s just a humbling experience,” the popular singer added about the time he spent in jail. 

Brown also talked about the fact that there are people out there who love him, but also people who hate him. The star claimed that he is fine with that. As long as I love myself and my music, I’m fine,” Brown said. The singer also explained that he is learning from each and every new experience that he has and in fact life is a learning experience. 

The legal problems of Chris Brown began in 2008, with the attack on his then-girlfriend Rihanna. However, Brown is not proud of how things have evolved since that moment. The singer said that he just hopes that people will some day stop knowing him for the violent crime and the tumultuous relationship he had with Rihanna. 

“I am not perfect, no one is. No one is harder on me than me. No one can please everyone. No one can live in the past and expect to grow,” Brown claimed, adding that he has moved on and he hopes that everyone can do so.

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