Chris Brown to Refuse BET Reality Show

Apparently, Chris Brown is not really interested in a career in television. It seems that the famous singer decided to refuse a BET reality TV project. 

It seems that Chris Brown turned down this project, being completely not interested in this type of show. TMZ first reported that Brown was the one who was offered this project. The reason why Brown decided to stay away from this project is actually the fact that the TV show is not his style, at least this is what the popular singer claimed. 

Earlier, rumors revealed that Black Entertainment Television will sign a deal with Brown, who was earlier this month released from jail. Apparently, the show was said to be based on the life and the story of the popular and troubled singer. Moreover, the series was said to be focused on Brown’s life after the release from jail, as well as his struggle to stay away from more trouble. 

Following the example of Lindsay Lohan, Brown was said to have a reality show that will allow fans to learn all kind of aspects from his personal life and his struggle. “BET has made it clear to several production companies the network would absolutely air a Chris Brown reality series, chronicling his life after jail,” a source claimed. 

Chris Brown was released from jail at the beginning of June. He remained in prison for no less than 108 days. Brown was sentenced to spend time in jail for violating his probation. All the problems that the star had with the law were linked to the 2009 incident, when Brown assaulted his then girlfriend Rihanna. Since that moment, the popular singer seemed absolutely unable to stay away of more issues and problems. 

Chris Brown claimed to be very much determined this time to stay on the right track and make order in his life. The star is suffering from bipolar disorder and is currently undergoing treatment for this condition. Maybe after his about 3 months stint in jail, Brown will finally understand that he needs to remain committed to his treatment. 

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