Chris Brown Said to be Doing Community Service for Publicity

Chris Brown has once again managed to get himself in the media attention. The popular singer met criticism after it has been claimed that he has been doing community service with the sole purpose to get media attention. 

The news was first reported by Perez Hilton, which claimed that Chris Brown will be doing some community service, but only to draw good publicity. The celebrity site reported that Brown will be present in Downtown Los Angeles to donate clothes to the homeless. However, Brown was accused of doing this only to be photographed at the event. 

Perez Hilton claimed that Chris Brown was the one who leaked the information on his community work to the media. So, the site said that Brown wanted the paparazzi to be there and to reveal the fact that he was doing a goodwill. The site went to scrutinize Brown, saying that it was actually hard to believe that his “intentions are so selfish.” 

“We think this whole situation is beyond tacky, and we think Chris should reevaluate why he’s donating in the first place,” Perez Hilton said. Chris Brown has not commented on the claim, although the star did share something on Instagram for his fans. Chris shared a photo of himself alongside a model, to promote his new clothing line. 

Well, if Brown has not talked about these claims, he did recently decided to open up about his former girlfriends, Rihanna and Karrueche Tran. And this apparently made Rihanna really upset. So, the famous singer did not like the fact that Brown compared her to his former girlfriends. An insider talking to Hollywood Life claimed that Rihanna has told some friends that she is the “baddest bitch” Brown has ever had. This came as a response to Brown’s comment that “I had some BAD BITCHES.”

“She didn’t appreciate being lumped together with the three other girls, especially Karrueche,” the insider said. “No disrespect to any of them, but Ri thinks she’s the baddest bitch of them all. Point blank, period! She shines bright like a diamond every damn day and sparkles more than any woman Chris has ever been with. That part! If Chris would have said that, he’d be a 10 in her book,” it concluded. 

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