Chris Brown’s Halloween Costume: Highly Offensive

Chris Brown’s Halloween costume was described as highly offensive by most Twitter users who have had the opportunity of seeing his recent picture on the social network. The rapper posted a picture of him and his “clique” disguised as terrorists, Us Weekly informs.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Chris Brown last stole the spotlight, so the artist decided to do something memorable for this year’s Halloween party. He and his friends dressed up as terrorists wearing robes, turbans and fake beards. Their looks were completed by bullet casings wrapped around their robes and several assault rifles.

The rapper posted the pic on his Twitter account telling followers “Ain’t nobody Fucking wit my clique!!!!#ohb”, which is a reference to the song “Clique”. As soon as they saw the picture, several Twitter users scolded the rapper for the message he tried to convey through his photo. One user wrote: “Running out of reasons to hate Chris Brown? This will help”, whereas another one was disappointed to see that the rapper has made another mistake.

Even though most Twitter followers realized that Chris Brown’s costume was meant to be interpreted as a joke, some of them wondered what would have happened if he dressed up as a Jewish person. One fan wrote: “Just imagine if domestic abuser @chrisbrown dressed as a Jewish stereotype for Halloween. But this is OK”.

Chris Brown was not very impressed by the avalanche of negative messages he got from his fans. He wrote in response that Halloween is supposed to be a fun holiday, so people should be more relaxed about it. He also advised people to imagine Halloween pranks as “farts” so they could easily accept them.

The singer was not the only one who liked the terrorist costume. His mother, Joyce Hawkins, was very proud of the choice that Brown made and even took to the Twitterverse to tell people that “HALLOWEEN IS FOR FUN NOTHING MORE THAN JUST FUN”. Those who don’t feel the same should get a life, Hawkins concluded.

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