Chris Brown Remains in Rehab for Two More Months

Even though earlier reports revealed that Chris Brown was doing really well, it seems that the singer will remain in rehab for two more months. 

Brown was ordered to remain in rehab, despite the improvements that the star showed. However, it seems that the problems that Brown has are actually quite complex.

It has been reported that Brown is suffering from bipolar disorder, as well as insomnia and PTSD. 

The star is currently under treatment and hopefully he will finally be able to overcome all these problems.

The singer has attended a hearing on Friday. Following this hearing, Brown was ordered to return to rehab for no less than 2 months. 

Chris Brown has been in rehab since November and it seems that the treatment has to continue. Back then, the rehab stint came after the outrageous incident in which Brown threw a rock through the car window of his mother. 

Since November, Brown shown dedication to his treatment. The star attended all the therapy sessions he was recommended and passed drug tests with no problems. A model patient, Brown may still end up in jail. After 2 more months of rehab, a judge will decide if the singer will go to jail or his legal problems will finally end. 

Legal issues for Chris Brown started in 2009, when the singer was accused of assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna. Now, it seems that it is all linked to the fact that Chris Brown suffers from a mental issue. The singer suffers from bipolar II disorder, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder. 

These conditions, which were untreated until now, are believed to be the ones to blame for Brown’s aggressive behavior. 

So, the court decided that Brown will remain in rehab until the end of April. The star has 750 hours of community service to complete, too.

The singer’s trial will start in Washington in about two months. The star faces assault charges of 20-year old art student. The court will also have to decide if Chris Brown should go to jail for constantly violating his probation. 

Until then, Brown remains in rehab and has to remain committed to his treatment. The singer was disappointed with the court ruling, posting a message on his Twitter to show it. 

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