Chris Brown Raps About Drake Bar Brawl

It looks like the Chris Brown and Drake fight moved out of the club and into a song. Chris Brown raps about Drake bar brawl on a freestyle track.

So Twitter isn’t good enough for Chris Brown any longer. His thing with Drake has long moved beyond the online sphere into the trashed New York club, his new track and even the BET Awards. Chris Brown’s diss track is a Game remix to Chief Keef’s song, called “I Don’t Like”. Quite an expressive headline right?

“A fuck ni**a, that’s that shit I don’t like/ They throwin’ bottles, I’m throwin’ models, just ’cause I give a bitch long pipe” raps Chris Brown about the highly debated club brawl. And the track goes on more bold, as the lyrics read: “I be singin’, he be singin’, so it’s on, sight/ But hold up, I ain’t give a ni**a no green light/ This head up, my bread up, one-on-one, what you scared, bruh?”.

The track eventually hits the peak with Chris Brown giving Drake a warning: “Matter fact, take care bruh, you a pu**y ni**a/ My ni**a Tunechi, yeah that ni**a nice/ Shout out to Nicki, man that ass tight/ Them eyebrows, man, them shits is yikes/ OVO, you overdosed, screamin’ YOLO no, I live twice”.

On the overall both Chris Brown and Drake kept silent about their club brawl. Chris Brown was just about to make things worse with two Twitter posts targeting Drake and the media for giving coverage to their fight. However, perhaps at his manager’s advice the two posts have been deleted.

So the track is basically Chris Brown’s side of the story and most likely his indirect way of telling Drake it’s not over. On the other hand, Drake spoke his mind about their brawl days after it happened during a concert in New York. “It’s last call and you’re really too drunk to give a fuck/ A ni**a in the corner is standing there looking at you funny” rapped Drake recalling the onset of the fight. “You bump elbows with him on the way to the bathroom, but really there’s only one ni**a that you got to think about” Drake added.

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