Chris Brown Launches Toy Line At Los Angeles Galleries

Chris Brown is willing to expand his artistic abilities beyond music. The singer launched a toy line at the Los Angeles Galleries on Wednesday. The event was realized with the help of his friend, artist Ron English, called Dum English, who is known for his contemporary pop art exhibitions.

There are lots of things that R&B singer Chris Brown can do and he is willing to prove this to his fans. The artist showed us that he can sing, dance and perform various charitable actions like sell puppies, for instance. We might add that he is also very good at performing community services, but we’d rather not bring that up now that he has just released a toy line whose proceeds will be donated to Browns’ Symphonic Love Foundation.

Brown joined his pal Ron English, aka Dum English at the exhibition which was hosted on Wednesday at the Art Museum in Los Angeles. The singer took advantage of this opportunity to launch his limited-edition line of toys and sculptures. At the event, Ron and Chris entertained guests by painting a life-size astronaut sculpture.

Chris Brown looked very proud to be working with an artist like Dum English. He told people in the room that his friend is one of the most talented artists at present. He declared himself impressed with the way in which Ron manages to create precise works of art that are very “unorthodox” at the same time.

Dum English’s are very appreciated among contemporary art critics. As a consequence, he was asked to expose his pop art works at the Corey Helford Gallery. The event was held soon after Dum’s presentation with Chris Brown.

The singer declared at the end of the show that all the money that will be gathered after the selling of the toys will be donated to his foundation, Symphonic Love. The institution raises money to provide funding for arts programs that are dedicated to women and children. Brown hopes to contribute to the development of artistic abilities in children, which is why he chose to raise money through his new toy line.

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