Chris Brown investigated by Miami officials

Based on a recent report published by Reuters, singer Chris Brown is facing more legal problems after being put under investigation by Miami officials on Thursday. The performer was accused by a female fan of stealing her phone while she was trying to take a picture of him.

Miami officials received a report on Sunday from a 24-year-old woman claiming that her iPhone was stolen by singer Chris Brown. According to the victim’s declarations, Brown was preparing to leave from a nightclub and she tried to get a picture of him on his way out. The artist grabbed her iPhone and left without returning the object, an action which was included by local authorities in the category of “robbery by snatching”.

Reporters tried to contact Chris Brown’s representatives to confirm the news, but they were not available for comments. The police officers at Miami Beach were also reluctant to discuss the report. Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Florida state attorney in Miami-Dade County, was the only one who issued a statement in relation to the recent accusations brought against the singer. She declared that the investigation performed by the Miami Beach Police Department was “erroneous” and that further inquiries were necessary before making a decision.

Rundle has agreed to take the case under her custody. She told reporters that her prosecutors will gather more declarations from witnesses and they will carefully review the materials that the Miami Beach Police provided. The Florida state attorney will establish the action that needs to be taken against the singer based on the information she will get from the previously mentioned materials.

Chris Brown is currently fulfilling his five-year probation after being found guilty of criminal assault for beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. If he is arrested again, the 22-year-old singer will be sent to jail for violating his probation conditions. This news might affect his already shaken career, as well. Brown has just begun rehabilitating his reputation thanks to the Grammy award he won earlier this month.

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