Chris Brown in Court after Spending Weekend in Jail

Chris Brown spent the weekend in jail after violating his probation. The star has to appear in court to receive a sentence. 

In fact, reports indicated that Chris Brown’s probation was revoked and the singer was arrested following the events. No bail was set for the star, so Brown spent the weekend in jail. Brown has been on probation for years, all linked to the assault on Rihanna. It seems that the singer is just unable to stay away from issues. 

Brown did not comment on the arrest and first reports revealed nothing on the way Chris Brown violated his probation. Until these latest news surfaced, Chris Brown was under treatment for his violence issues. The star was undergoing an anger management program. On February, the rehab stay of the singer was prolonged, as it has been claimed that Brown needed to undergo more treatment to be feeling better. 

Now, Chris Brown will have to wait for a decision from the judge, who will determine if the singer will spend more time in jail or he will be given other additional penalties. Last arrest for Chris Brown dates back to September, when Brown was arrested in Washington DC. 

The case remains quite curious, as it is not clear what determined officers to arrest Brown and what the singer did to violate his probation. Until the events that occurred during the weekend, it was reported that Chris Brown was doing very well, the star remaining committed to his treatment. 

Chris Brown was placed on probation in 2009, when the singer was accused of assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna. Brown was warned that in case he violates his probation, he could face prison time, but it is yet to see what will happen to the star. 

Some reports indicate that the reason why Brown was arrested actually is having inappropriate relationship with a member of the staff at the facility in which the singer received treatment. This relationship is said to have started at the beginning of this month. It was also claimed this month that Brown suffers from bipolar disorder.  

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