Chris Brown Completes Rehab Program, but Seeks Additional Treatment

Even though Chris Brown completed his rehab stint, it seems that the star is not ready to get out. The singer is now seeking for additional treatment.

The fact that Chris Brown is finally committed to his treatment is surely appreciated by his fans. Initially, Brown entered rehab at the order of a court. He completed a 90-day rehab program, but decided to stay for more treatment. 

Recently, Brown was seen doing quite well. The star attended a charity event and even worked at a new music video. Actually, as Brown completed his 90-day stint in rehab, the star was seen working at his new video.  

It is yet unclear if Brown was the one who decided to remain in rehab, or this choice actually came at a court order. Various reports come to confirm both of these hypothesis, so it is yet to be confirmed what really happened.

What is certain is that Chris Brown refused to comment on this prolong stay at the facility for additional treatment. Maybe the rehab stay will actually turn out being very helpful for the singer this time. 

However, it has previously been reported that Brown plans on staying in rehab until being completely well. Reports indicated that Brown was quite nervous that his rehab stay was ending and the singer wanted to remain under treatment until being sure that he can control his temper. 

It seems that Brown wanted to be absolutely sure that he is ready to get back into the society. Brown also is determined this time, sources say, to focus on his work and music and he just wants to make sure that he will be able to do that. 

The singer recently received the Second Chance at Love and Life Award that Brown seems to be very proud of. Brown was granted permission from rehab to be able to attend several events. 

Chris Brown was ordered anger management treatment linked to the already famous assault case that involves singer Rihanna. For the first time since 2009, Brown seems really determined to leave rehab only when he is 100 percent better. 

Now, new reports indicate that Brown has already left the facility and the singer is doing great. The singer announced to release a new album, his sixth studio album, in May. 

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