Chris Brown And Drake Fight Over Rihanna

A violent argument started between Chris Brown and Drake while they were both partying in a nightclub in New York City. Sources claim the two were fighting over Rihanna, but reps denied these rumors, says TMZ.

Looks like Chris Brown has finally found an opponent his size. The rapper got involved into a club fight with Drake and things turned out really messy. They both suffered multiple face injuries, as well as other people who happened to be in the club at the time of the argument.

Insiders told reporters that the “Don’t Wake Me Up” star sent a bottle of champagne to Drake when he noticed that he was also in the club. The Canadian artist, who was also romantically involved with Rihanna, rejected the gift and sent the bottle back with the message “I’m f&^$ing the love of your life, deal with it”. The fight started as soon as Brown got the message and flying bottles could be seen everywhere in the bar.

Chris Brown’s bodyguard and an Australian tourist were rushed to the hospital because they were hit in the head with flying bottles. The singer was injured, too. He posted a photo of himself to display the ugly cut that he got on his chin from the fight. The image was accompanied by a derisive message in which the singer called his rivals “girls” because they started throwing bottles.

Nobody knows exactly who started the fight and celebrities’ reps deny that their clients had anything to do with it. Chris Brown’s representative stated that the singer and his friends were victims of the brutal attack. The artist will cooperate with the New York authorities to identify the person who is responsible for these deeds. Drake’s spokesperson also denied that the actor was involved in the argument. According to the rep, the artist was preparing to get out of the club when he was caught in between the rivaling parties.

Authorities are now gathering evidence to get through the case. Police officers were unable to make any declarations about the incident as the investigation is not over yet.

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  1. Chris Brown and Drake you 2 Got too much to loose for to give the public what they want trouble is easy to get in but hard. as hell to get out the more money u got the more u have to pay to get out keep pushing for your Goals don’t get caught up felony can ruin you in the process u trying to complete.I will keep keep you 2 in my prayers God bless. you both be smart and walk away and thank God for blessing You too. Take care your caring fan.I love both of you 2.

  2. F.ckin dumb shi… whats wrong w yall shes probably playin both u dumb as… no one wants a lil boy, he mad cause he know its true lmfao

  3. smh . chirs browns needs to leave rihanna alone . doesnt he got a girl already?_-. like ,niggga you fuc*ed up . leave her alone . im prond of drake , tht nigga getts what he deserve.FU** YOU CHRIS BROWN.!

  4. mkay, dickwads. . they are both wrong for fighting over Rihanna but fu** it sh** happens, they fought , they both look stupid & they did too much. . move on everyone is stuck on sh*t that happened in the past. LET IT GO. stop living in a past that’s not yours & move on to your own fu**ing future, dammit.

  5. I really dont knoe y dey fighting,tover dat two cent.Hooka she can talk bout sum birthday cake,but cant talk bout her real feelings.I hope her but dont go to jail.And,to Chris dont give no bottle to one of yo ex’s boi toys.Dats just stupid!

  6. Drake and chris fighting over someone who has spread her legs for many. Lol its stupid they need to get they self checked out and stop that shit. The smart thing to do at this point is to get together and make some money off this sad shit because rhianna is and she got them out here looking stupid, lol….. Hands up to her because even though she was not in that fight she really won it, lol smh men are so dumb sometimes.

  7. there both stupid for getting in a fight over a girl i meanseriously theres many more out there!!! annd honestly chris brown needs to move on and leave drake annd his girl alone!!!

  8. hahah this is funni yall fighting ova rihanna look YOLO meaning you only live once do guys really wanna spend yall tym fighting over a girl who probably moved on aye dawg im just keeping reall wiff dha both of yall diz is stupid but aye dhatz yall just think bout watt ur fans are saying cuz im a fan fo both nd im saying both of yall are stupid nd iz unattractive keep it reall homebois dawg 4 reall yall iz finna get ur self killed out hea watch yo back hommi

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