Chris Beard Named Interim CEO at Mozilla

Chris Beard is the new CEO of Mozilla. Beard will only be seen in this role on a limited period of time, as he was named just interim CEO. 

Chris Beard is trying to help Mozilla recover from the scandal involving this company. Quite a big controversy has been associated to Mozilla and the former CEO of the famous company. The former CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, decided to quit from his role in the famous company after a scandal linked to a previous action. 

Apparently, Mozilla is now interested in reshaping its board, this being the main purpose for the company at this point. Chris Beard has worked with Mozilla for years. He had numerous roles within the company, including leadership roles, as well as roles in marketing and product innovation overseeing.

The chairwoman of Mozilla, Mitchell Baker said in a blog post that the naming of Chris Beard is a great move for the company. “In this time of transition there is no better person to lead us. Chris has one of the clearest visions of how to take the Mozilla mission and turn it into programs and activities and product ideas that I have ever seen,” Mitchell said. 

According to Mitchel Baker, Beard actually is an important candidate for CEO. At this point, Mozilla seems quite willing to close a chapter and start fresh with a new CEO. 

The resignation of Brendan Eich was much debated. It has been claimed that the former CEO found himself in the need to give up his role in the company due to a donation he made years ago. Eich gave the sum of $1000 as donation to an anti-gay marriage cause. 

After his naming as CEO of Mozilla, numerous comments appeared on many social media sources, saying that Eich should present his resignation. 

This happened and Mozilla now say that they are willing to start a new chapter, with a new organization. “We intend to use recent events as a catalyst to develop and expand Mozilla’s leadership. Appointing Chris as our interim CEO is a first step in this process,” the statement said. Many Mozilla employees seemed quite happy to find out that Bread is back, at least this is what their posts on social media showed. 

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