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Choosing The Best Ponytail For Your Face Shape

Ponytails are back in fashion as they have been present on every catwalk during this year’s fashion week presentations. However, gathering your tresses in a simple ponytail is not enough to look stylish; most of the times, you need to adapt your hairstyle to your face shape. Here are a few tips you may use to get a perfectly ‘relaxed’ look.

Women who have oval face shape can wear pretty much any type of hairstyle they want. When it comes to updos, however, experts recommend the side ponytail. If you pull all your hair back you will notice that one side of your face is a little bit asymmetrical, that is, you have a smaller eye or your forehead gets narrower. These differences are absolutely normal, but they still have to be counterbalanced with the help of the hair. Thus, the ponytail will be placed in the back, on the side that is usually smaller to make up for the difference. You can also add a side parting making sure that the fringe is placed on the less symmetric part.

Making their faces look longer is the main goal that women with round faces should bear in mind. This task is usually very easy to accomplish as you only have to gather your hair into a ponytail that is as close as possible to the top of the head. According to experts, you should try to create volume in the front, so make sure you tease your hair before securing it with an elastic band. For a better result, you can gather the front sections of your hair into a quiff and keep it in place with a bobby pin.

At the opposite end, we have elongated face shapes which must be equilibrated through a low ponytail. For this coif you need to determine how loose or how tight your ponytail should be. If you want to create a fuller face-effect, you need to slightly loosen the hair on the sides. Women with very long foreheads should opt for a ponytail with fringe or bangs.

Square face shapes must be ‘softened’ with romantic ponytails. Soft curls, loose fringes and side partings are the allies you need to consider whenever you want to diminish facial features that are too prominent.

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