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Choose Your Nail Polish Color Like A Star

As a teenage girl, with lots of black spots and pimples I may add, I learnt that the color of your nail polish has to match the eye shadow and/or the lipstick. Nowadays, everything is pretty much the same, except for the fact that we no longer match the shade of the nail polish with the one of the makeup. Once again, we set our eyes on our beauty goddesses – celebrities at Hollywood – and we found out the new ways we can use our nail polish to complement our overall look.

According to stylists at Hollywood, it is still correct to choose the same color for your nails as for your lips. In fact, there are many celebrities who wear red, cherry and brown lipstick combined with a similar shade on their nails.

However, the new summer collections contain numerous brightly colored shades, so matching them with your makeup is no longer an option. At least for those who don’t like to wear green or yellow glosses on their lips. In this case, celebrities choose to wear contrasting colors, only this time, the nail polish is chosen based on the color of the clothes. Thus, if you opt for a yellow gown (a color that is very popular at present), you can choose purple, violet or even blue for your nails as these clashing shades emphasize each other.

Another combination that was often spotted on the Red Carpet presupposes the use of two different hues that come from the same class of colors, be it warm or cold. Many celebrities opted for blue nail polishes and matched them with green dresses and, judging by the looks of the pictures, it is a good choice for the summer. The two cold shades work well together and they cast a breeze of freshness during hot summer evenings.

Warm colors can be easily matched, too, but stylists prefer to temper the brightness of some colors, such as, fuchsia and orange by matching them with black outfits. If you, nevertheless, prefer to surround yourselves with many warm colors this summer, you should stick with soft pastel shades as they can be easily matched with outfits belonging to the same color palette.

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