Chinese Apple Supplier Accused of Unsafe Work Conditions

While Apple is rumored to release its latest iPhone, the company is linked to a new scandal. In fact, Apple has had a bad week. Earlier this week, it has been claimed that a bug in the iCloud has allowed hackers to break in and access the personal pictures of a series of celebrities. 

Now, it has been revealed that the working conditions that people have at a Chinese factory that works as an Apple supplier are absolutely dangerous. These were the results obtained by China Labor Watch and Green America, which recently presented their latest report. The activist groups indicated that conditions have gotten worse, even though Apple promised to improve them. 

Apple is not the only global brand which relies on Chinese suppliers. Samsung and Lenovo have been involved in similar scandals a few weeks ago. The supplier to which these latest claims are linked is Catcher Technology, a facility located in Suqian. The problem here was first pointed out to Apple back in April 2013. When the tech giant found out, it promised to eliminate these issues. 

Still, this new report reveals that instead of making things better, they became worse. The same report indicates that the affected employees were later on transferred to a new section, to produce iPhone 6 and the latest generation iPad. It is said that the facility is mostly focused on making aluminum enclosure for MacBook and iPads. 

According to China Labor Watch, employees at the facility have to work overtime up to 100 hours per month, mandatory. Moreover, in some cases employees did not receive their wages, or received less than what they should. An undercover investigator who got employed at the facility revealed that workers completed their tasks without protective gear, even though they should have had it. 

This is quite curious, having under consideration the fact that Apple claimed they have investigated the facility and found that they respect all safety standards. “We are deeply concerned about the claims made by China Labor Watch, and we take the report very seriously. We are committed to following Apple’s supplier code of conduct and will investigate thoroughly,” a statement from Catcher Technology said. 

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