China To Censor Online Video Content

The Associated Press announces that the Chinese government has adopted more severe measures to censor the online video content. The increasing popularity of online soap operas and mini-movies troubles Internet regulators who have told Internet providers to tighten the censorship of the online material.

Censorship is very common in China where authorities check every broadcast or piece of information that enters the country in order to make sure that it is in compliance with the rules of the local government. Given the unexpected success that online series and soap operas have had in the past year, Chinese broadcasting and Internet regulators prohibited Internet video providers to publish programs without prescreening them beforehand.

The new censorship rule was adopted on Tuesday by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the State Internet Information Office. The commission justified its decision by saying that the online video content has become very popular among residents. In their opinion, these videos could affect the well-being of the society because they contain vulgar content, excessive violence or pornography. Thanks to the new measure, the younger segments of society will be better protected and high-quality programs will be promoted.

The majority of the online programs are censored in China. Local people don’t have access to some of the biggest video sharing websites including YouTube. Domestic web service providers are supposed to carefully analyze the online material and select the content that is less offensive.

While video sharing companies in Western civilizations would be outraged by this measure, companies like Youku, China’s most popular online video provider, told the press that the new rule doesn’t affect them too much. The material that the company uploads each day is already verified by hundreds of prescreeners, so there won’t be too many changes enacted by the new decree.

A spokeswoman, who refused to communicate her name because she was not authorized to speak with the press, stated that vulgar or violent materials will not be accepted. In addition, political speech, as well as, anti-party and anti-society content will be prohibited on all websites.

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