China Telecom Will Sell iPhone 5 In November

China Telecom’s Chairman Wang Xiaochu announced on early Friday that they will begin selling iPhone 5 in late November. The phone is currently being tested by authorities and the device will be commercialized as soon as they will give their consent, Reuters reports.

iPhone 5 will soon conquer the Chinese market, according to China Telecom’s declaration. Chairman Wang Xiaochu told the press on Friday morning that he estimates the first Apple smartphones will hit the Chinese market shelves by the end of November. They also estimate that they can increase the number of 3G users to 100 million by the end of 2012; thus, lifting the company’s profits.

Xiaochu further explained why the famous Apple device was not made available in China until now. According to him, the iOS-based smartphone needs to be tested by authorities in order to determine whether it is safe or not. Once authorities approve iPhone 5, it will be included among China Telecom’s list of products.

The upcoming Communist Party Congress will play a major role in the introduction of Apple devices on the Chinese market. Among the aspects that will be discussed during the meeting is also the adoption of a plan that could facilitate the introduction of faster, fourth-generation mobile networks. Tech-savvy consumers need not be afraid of the transition, Mr. Wang added. He told reporters that China Telecom will do its best to make the transition as quickly as possible. Moreover, experimental 4G facilities have already been tested in some cities and the results were very promising.

The competition between mobile phone operators is very strong in China considering that many other powerful companies make efforts to win customers on their side. China Telecom is not the only one who will upgrade to 4G facilities; China Mobile Ltd and China Unicom will also install facilities in various cities across the country.

The Chairmen of the three companies know that China will sooner or later make the transition to 4G, so the only question that remains is when. However, they believe “the decision made will be the correct one”.

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