Chicago Bulls Cool The Miami Heat Down

Derrick Rose was not in his best shape during the Thursday game, but the Chicago Bulls managed to defeat their rivals and cool the Miami Heat down. Thanks to their 96-86 overtime victory, the team will be able to continue their race for the East Conference title.

The Thursday game was a good occasion for the players on the Chicago Bulls bench to prove what they can do for their team. Their intervention was necessary because Derrick Rose was having problems adapting to the rhythm of his team colleagues as a result of his past injuries. He only managed to score two points throughout the entire game and was replaced by another player before the fourth quarter.

Although the Bulls were missing one of their best players, the Miami Heat did not manage to win the competition. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were just as fit as always, but their efforts were not enough to bring a victory. James scored 30 points, whereas Wade helped his team with 21.

The Chicago Bulls played 15 games, so far, but Rose could only take part in two. The NBA Most Valuable Player suffered a severe injury a while ago and needed more time to recover. Since he was not able to take part in trainings, Rose is now slower than most of his colleagues. He told the press that he is not really interested in his stats right now, but rather in getting his rhythm back. The playoffs are getting near, so the basketball player will do his best to recover his timing. During the Thursday competition Rose was helped by his team mates as most of his shots were not falling.

C.J. Watson made 16 points out of Chicago’s total of 47. He also managed to score a game-tying three-pointer when there were only two seconds left out of the game. Miami’s Wade stated that Watson’s shot was very tough as his team did not manage to recover after it. In addition, Wade missed a potential game winner at the end of the regulation; thus, allowing Chicago to take the victory on their side.

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