Chelsea Handler: “Angelina Jolie Will Never Come On My Show”

Chelsea Handler’s aversion towards Angelina Jolie is no longer a secret for anyone who has watched her show on the E! network. The comedian made another offensive comment about the Goodwill Ambassador and vowed never to have Angelina Jolie on her show during a recent interview she released for Michael Yo.

Jennifer Aniston might have overcome her divorce from Brad Pitt, but Chelsea Handler continues to bear a grudge against the woman who stole her friend’s husband: Angelina Jolie. The comedienne used every single occasion she has had so far to mock and even offend the actress for having destroyed Aniston’s marriage. During one of her standup comedy shows in 2010, Handler called Jolie a “home wrecker”, a “cunt” and a “bitch” for getting involved in a relationship with Brad Pitt even though he was a married man.

Just as we were beginning to think that Chelsea might be singing a different tune, she made another hateful declaration about Brad Pitt’s current wife during Michael Yo’s show. The talk show host asked Handler what was the question she would ask Angelina Jolie if the latter came on her show. The comedienne replied that Angelina Jolie “is never gonna be on [her] show” despite Michael’s attempts to make her think otherwise. She eventually concluded that there is nothing she and Angelina could talk about, so she hopes the two would never meet.

Chelsea Handler’s career has known a major improvement in the past month. The talk show host moved to a bigger studio at the beginning of October, so she feels her work is being appreciated. She told Michael Yo that the investments the network has made for her give her the impression that she will maintain her position for many years to come. In addition, the comedienne will have the opportunity to talk to celebrities that she never met before.

Michael Yo thanked Chelsea for being such a great inspiration for him. He confessed that Handler has played a major role in his career development after she helped him stage his first standup comedy show.

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  1. Chelsea Handler,madly in love with Coutrney Love’s sloppy seconds, don’t forget to take your herpes medicine! You are a hateful, unattractive cunt! As for your staying on TV, start investing in your retirement condo now! Jennifer Anniston gets quoted talking about her hair. Angelina gets quoted about Malala and education for women and girls. Lots of women don’t watch your show because you aren’t funny… just rude and crude. You disgust me.

  2. Chelsea Handler is a white ape. She insulted so many kids. She does not want to have kids because she hates them and that is why she hates Angelina jolie. Angi is Angi. Angi does not care if Chelsea likes her or not.

  3. Anyone who would carry so much hatred for another person,No matter who that person may be, has to have some kind of mental problem, Chelsea Handler is more to be pitied than applauded, regarding her crude language that’s just not funny it just shows no class at all, except of course low class gutter snipe language,any one who thinks this person Chelsea Hunter is remotely humerous should immediately book them selves in for therapy at the nearest clinic.Qunli.

  4. 1. Chelsea is a comedian her job is to make jokes and poke fun at other people. You must have no sense of humor.

    2. She’s a good friend to jennifer and anyone who says they wouldn’t hate the bitch that ruined their best friends marriage is full of shit.

  5. Newsflash Chelsea… Angelina would never WANT to be on your stupid show.

    I doubt Angelina cares or even knows who Handler is.

    I am sure Handler would just love Angelina to be on her show! But Angelina has much better things to do with her life.

    And sorry to be shallow, but Handler looks like she was beat with an ugly stick.

  6. Handler is very jealous of Angelina, that’s why she is so obsessed with her. I bet Angie don’t even know her or don’t even know she exists. Handler is a total evil person, Aniston should be ashamed of being Handler’s friend.

    Angie doesn’t go to late nite shows anymore, not on Leno or Ellen, how much more going to Chelsea. She would be the last show that she would go to.

  7. Why is Angelina the home wrecker, but NO ONE attacks Brad in all this? People are so prepared to pit Angelina and Jennifer against one another over A MAN. How sad and pathetic.
    He had the free will to leave, Even if Angie threw herself at him, he always had the option to say no. And his leaving Jennifer doesn’t make Jen a sad pathetic victim. These woman are both great in their own right and the media and trolls like this Handler woman need to stop turning women into villains when it was BRAD that called it quits. Funny how it’s always the fault of the other woman and never the fault of the man. Stupid.

  8. As if Angelina would ever appear on her pitiful, hateful show. The desparate guests she gets are just afraid of her acid tongue. If they looked back at her old shows her so called BFF Aniston might be singing a different tune but lest I forget they are both rep’s by that slime bag Huvane. God Bless Angelina and her family. ANGIE IS ALWAYS THE BETTER PERSON THAN HANDLER AND ANISTON!

  9. She really takes herself very seriously doesn’t she? That Vodka is really clouding her brain. I doubt Angie knows who she is and if she does.. do really think she would entertain the idea of appearing on her show. Has she not noticed that in the past 8 years Angie has only interviewed with 60 minutes, Anderson Cooper, Jon Stewart, Ann Curry, Matt Lauer and CNN (Intellectuals in their field). .

    Quite honestly, I think she’s obsessed with Angie. Just like Joan Rivers was about Elizabeth Taylor back in the day. She and Jen remind me of two middle-aged hens that sit around drinking , smioking pot and talking smack about beautiful, talented, and smart women.. something they’ll never be.

  10. To Mel……

    Often when she attacks Angelina she is doing it outside of her so called comedy act. She calls her names and evil when doing personal interviews!

    And if she is doing this for Aniston, than Aniston is more pathetic then I thought if she is still not over her divorce 8 years later.

    And Angelina did not ruin any marriage. The marriage was on its last legs before Brad even met Angelina. He was bored to death with the tanning in Mexico and conversations that focused on Aniston’s hair and yoga! You can’t ruin a solid. happy marriage. It was over and Brad wanted to move on. But Jen’s fans think he is not allowed to move on and be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love the comment about two hens siting around smoking pot, drinking and just being spiteful. Lol. But, I think it is really more of an alcoholic Chelsea behavior. Her boundaries are very skewed and really just because someone is a comedienne does not make everything they say and do funny. She is kind of a female Don RIckles. I doubt her career will be as long as Joan RIvers. Handler is probably going to go down from liver disease in the near future as she sadly has a huge problem. Her disease also affects the quality of her humor which after awhile becomes boring and just very negative. Certainly not funny.

  12. chelsea is jeolus of angelina jolie because she is not that beautiful or talented or famous like angelina jolie,if brad had wanted chelsea she would say yes,who is her man she is jelous of angie till it stinks,angelina is so famous that chelsea have to mention her on her show to get more ratings for her show how else would anybody want to watch her show if she was not talking the most famous woman in the world anyone talk or mention angelina jolie name becomes famous overnight and chelsea is looking ratings for her show by picking on angie all the time,jelous bitch.

  13. Angelina IS a home wrecker…bottom line. It’s not about jealousy, it’s about calling a spade a spade. Furthermore, Angelina looks anorexic, so how is she more or less attractive than Handler? Sure, maybe Angelina 15 years ago when she was with Billy Bob and making out with her brother. Angelina now? Ewww…gross.

  14. Angelina looks lie a crack whore. Heroin arms. She is a very poor role model indeed. I, myself am very beautiful, you couldn’t give me all the tea in England to look like her. And Brad looks so unhappy these days. He has lost every single ounce of his sex appeal ever since he has been with her.I will bet you the union will not last-you’ll hear it one day soon enough!

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