Check out the new ZTE Boost Max+

The new ZTE Boost Max+ is an inexpensive alternative to more expensive and huge devices like Apple iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This huge device can cost approximately 600 dollars unlocked. Well, for customers who don’t want to pay such a big price for a device with a large screen, the new ZTE Boost Max+ is a great alternative and it also offers more room to browse the WEB or watch media. 

This phone comes with a 5.7-inch screen and it also has a long battery life. However, its low price comes with some compromises, including a call volume that is too quiet and a camera that is a little poor. However, at this price range, there are some other alternatives, like Motorola Moto X Pure Edition or LG G Stylo, which customers could find to be interesting.

The new ZTE Boost Max+ comes with a gold metallic sheen that will lend on the device an element of elegance and it also look like being solidly built. However, when holding it in hand, the device is pretty big and it can even be compared with phablets. On the left side, users will find a volume rocker, a microSD slot and a Micro-USB port for transferring files and for charging. On the top, there is a sleep/power button and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Moreover, on the back the phone homes a rear camera with a flash and bellow, it is placed an audio grille for the speaker. 

As for the display, the new ZTE Boost Max+ has enough resolution that users can watch video, browse through photos or read text. To be added that the screen is not as responsive as it should be, meaning that from time to time, it would require a second to execute an action. As for software, this device comes with the Google Android 5.1 Lollipop mobile operating system, meaning that it has packed a larger number of Google apps, like Maps, Chrome Web browser, Docs, YouTube and Street View.

ZTE Boost Max+ is powered by 1.2 quad-cored processor, accompanied by 2GB of Ram and 16GB of internal storage that can go up to 64GB of expandable memory. Moreover, it has a 3,400mAh non-removable battery.

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