Charlie Sheen Thought about Committing Suicide

Famous actor Charlie Sheen is dealing with some serious health problems and it seems that they have been very difficult to handle by the Hollywood star. Sheen has actually recently revealed that he thought about committing suicide following his HIV Diagnosis. 

Charlie Sheen revealed that he was HIV positive in late 2015. At that moment, the star claimed that he had been diagnosed as HIV positive about four years back. The actor has recently told Michael Strahan during an interview on Good Morning America that he contemplated suicide after learning about his diagnosis, years back. 

Sheen said that he wanted to kill himself, but luckily, he was stopped by his mother. “I feel really good. I am so grateful,” the actor said. “The day I was diagnosed, I immediately wanted to eat a bullet,” the star explained. “My mom was there, I wouldn’t do that in front of her, or let her find me to clean up that mess,” he went on to add. 

However, Sheen has managed to find the strength to fight the disease and he is now trying to help others who are suffering from the same infection. “I feel like I’m carrying the torch for a lot of folks out there that are suffering from the same thing,” the actor said. “Some days are better than others, but most days are pretty f**king cool,” he went on to add. 

The actor said that he receives a lot of “warms hugs” and “compliments” from many people he does not know because of this. Sheen also revealed that he is undergoing treatment and the actor claimed that he is very happy with the treatment options that are available. “I’m so grateful for what was available when it happened,” he said. “And even more grateful for what’s available right now, when I’m, I’m in the middle of it, you know?”

Charlie Sheen also claimed that he has “tiger blood” and without a doubt he seems strong and eager to overcome this health issue. Sheen has also managed to stay away from scandals lately, so maybe the actor is really on the right path.

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