Charlie Sheen’s ex bosses to pay $55,000 a month for child support

On Friday, a judge ruled that any payment made by actor Charlie Sheen’s ex bosses to the Two And A Half Men Star would be docked for child support. The judge has ordered the Warner Bros studios to garnish 55,000 dollars a month for child support from any payments they will make to Sheen, Associated Press reports.

It looks like Charlie Sheen is going to be 55,000 dollar per month short. Whether he like is or not, the law has made him be a good parents. The Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Hank Goldberg approved Charlie Sheen’s ex wife request: to garnish any payments the actor may receive from the Warner Bros. Television.

Brooke Mueller Sheen and Charlie Sheen got a divorce two months after he has been fired from the “Two And A Half Men series”.  The studio says the firing decision came after Sheen has repeatedly engaged in self-destructive activities. The letter sent to Sheen’s attorney, Marty Singer by the studio stated that “for months before the suspension of production, Mr. Sheen’s erratic behavior escalated while his condition deteriorated.”

The actor and the Warner Bros. studio have been fighting for payments ever since. His former wife, Brooke, made the wages docking request with the intention of getting child support to raise her and Charlie’s twin babies.  The monthly payments were a part of the divorce settlement that the two have reached earlier this year.

The actor’s representative, Larry Solters did not want to comment, while Brooke Mueller Sheen’s lawyer couldn’t be reached for a comment so far.

On the other hand, Charlie’s love life is on the rocks as well. He got dumped by both his porn queens, Natalie Kenley and Bree Olson. The first one to go was Olson, who considered enough trouble to send his a goodbye message. Then, a few days ago,  Us magazine announced Sheen is back to being single, as Natalie Kenley decided to leave him as well.

Meanwhile, Charlie is going through the lawsuit with the Two An A Half Men producers and hopes he will win.

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  1. How in the hell does ANYONE need 55k per month? Yet more evidence (if any more was ever needed) of the bias towards men in the family court system. The woman should get enough to raise the child & that’s it, not pay for her Bvulgari jewellery, mansion rental, chaffeur & her Gucci/Prada/Balenciaga etc.. handbag collection.

    If child support is truly about the welfare & care of the child then it should be ensured that the money is there for the child alone & the funds need to be managed by an independent court appointed trustee who would ensure that any gold digging skank like Mrs ex Sheen isn’t spending money on herself that is there for the child. If she wants to buy a handbag that’s worth more than an African family sees in a lifetime then she can damn well get a job & pay for it her damn self

    Men already get a bad enough deal in family court, with custody automatically going to the woman unless she’s a meth-head hooker living in the gutter & even then fathers have to fight tooth & nail just for access let alone custody; alimony awarded to women who’re just as capable as their ex-husband of finding & holding down a job & regardless of how much anyone earns per year, month,week or episode $55,000 per month is far too much for anyone to have to pay to anyone when most families in developed nations are exceptionally lucky to have twice that per year with many being lucky to have access to even that amount per year to feed, clothe, shelter & support entire families on (not to mention what 3rd world families have to deal with).

    Can Charlie afford it? Yes. Should he have to pay that much just to support the disgracefully extravagant lifestyle of his selfish, sponging ex? No damn way & if I was him I’d set up a trust for the kids with a monthly stipend & college fund to be administered by an independent trustee & then sign away all of my assets to someone I could trust to look after them, pay me monthly & never give a damn cent to some cow hunting after 55k per month she doesn’t damn well deserve. What’s it going to take for us men to get any justice in the family court system?

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