Charlie Sheen’s Assistant Found Dead

Based on a recent report published by TMZ, Charlie Sheen’s assistant and close friend, Rick Calamaro, was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment on Sunday. Authorities were unable to provide too many details about his death, but they released a statement saying that Calamaro might have been dead for several days.

Police officers will investigate Rick Calamaro’s apartment in Los Angeles in the following days in order to determine whether his death occurred naturally or he was murdered. So far, authorities have found several clues suggesting that the assistant was not murdered. There were drugs placed everywhere around the house, so police officers believe Rick Calamaro died of an overdose. It remains to be seen whether the medical analyses will confirm their suspicions or not.

Calamaro and Charlie Sheen didn’t have just a working relationship; they were close friends, especially when they had enough drugs and alcohol to share between them. According to close sources, Charlie Sheen might have been badly influenced by his assistant. Some of the actor’s biggest crises took place when Sheen began hanging out with Rick Calamaro. Their endless parties and aggressive behavior led to Charlie’s dismissal from his role in “Two Men And A Half”. Instead of helping the actor give up his addition, Rick would always back him up and encourage him to consume more drugs.

In November 2011, Charlie Sheen fired Rick Calamaro as he set out to start a life without drugs. The two haven’t spoken ever since and the “Anger Management” star did not release any statement in relation to his assistant’s death until this moment. Actor Tony Todd was the only one who confirmed that the former Hollywood club promoter was, indeed, dead.

Charlie seems to be doing very well lately. His show, “Anger Management” which recently premiered on FX turned out to be a success. More than 6 million people have watched the first two episodes and producers think the show could be even more successful in the future.


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