Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management” To Get A 90-Episode Order

It goes without saying: Charlie Sheen is rubbing critics’ noses in its “Anger Management” success, both in real life and sitcom. Producers announced this Friday that Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management” is poised to get a 90-episode order.

Whatever Charlie Sheen went through after his departure from “Two And A Half Men”, “Anger Management” seems to be an attempt to show the world he’s changed. And if only a few months ago everybody would be uncertain of the sitcom’s success, this Friday, “Anger Management” production executives had very good news.

Mark Burg, Charlie Sheen’s manager told the Daily News, everybody is excited about a 90-episode order of the sitcom. “Charlie’s excited. Everybody is excited, anticipating FX picking up the show, though it’s not official yet” said Mark Burg.

“Charlie’s looking forward to going back to work on this for the next two years” added manager Mark Burg. We’re thinking Charlie Sheen has enough inspiration for more than only those upcoming 90 episodes of “Anger Management”. “He’s enthusiastic and extremely collaborative, and for the first time in the last eight years, he feels like he’s a part of the process” the manager added.

For the most part, Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management” sitcom doesn’t necessarily bring something new to the actor’s kind of comedy. In fact, it’s definitely safe to say Charlie from “Anger Management” is Charlie from “Two And A Half Men” after serious therapy and apparently some life changing revelations.

If you weren’t curious enough to watch the first ten episodes of “Anger Management” you’d better give them a go. First episode might be a bit challenging to go through, seeing as Charlie the therapist is very similar to Charlie the player. Only this time, we get to see a wiser and healthier Charlie.

Charlie Sheen plays a former baseball player that had serious anger management issues. He changes his life after becoming a therapist himself and helping patients almost as messed up as Charlie in “Two And A Half Men”.

And by the way, the upcoming 90 episodes of “Anger Management” feature a surprise. Martin Sheen, Charlie’s real dad, will have a recurring role as his father in the sitcom. “Charlie’s excited. He had a great time working with Martin, and vice versa. Who wouldn’t want to work with their kid?” added Burg.

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