Charlie Sheen naked on stage

Actor Charlie Sheen is trying very hard to be in the spotlight. After being booed on stage in Detroit, at Chicago he strips only to conquer the audience.

Turbulent Hollywood star Charlie Sheen (45) wants with any price to be in the spotlight not only because of drug scandals, alcohol and prostitutes in which he was involved. At its premiere his new show, “My Violent Torpedo of Truth”  in Detroit has long been booed by spectators, which is why he left the stage and never returned. To avoid a second failure,in the show from Chicago to tried very hard to convince the audience that’s good. Thus, the actor made ??to strip on stage and distorted in so many ways, showing well-worked muscles and abs at the gym. At one point he brought on stage the new primers, Natalie and Rachel Oberlin Kenly, which he kissed with fire in front of fans.

Truth of My Violent Torpedo – Detroit

Charlie Sheen considers himself a winner and he thought that he needs more than Two and a Half Men to keep their fans breathless. But his “Truth of My Violent Torpedo ” which debuted in Detroit with full house turned out to be a real disaster.

Fox Theatre was filled by 5,000 enthusiastic fans for the show scheduled to begin at 8 pm, but on how excited they were, so disappointed they left the theatre when they saw that confusing mess on the scene, improvised, done without rehearsal and not so funny.

Things gone bad from the start -in the first act a comedian was booed off  by audiences booed after a few minutes he walked on the scene. Sheen appeared on the scene to calm the spirits and show you’ve all been waiting for started with a montage of violent movies and a live performance of the hymn, sung by two porn stars.

Sheen has joined the “goddess”  and burned his bowling shirt worn in Two and a Half Men. Even if the tour was inspired by the scandal that he has with CBS and with the creator of the show, Sheen has never mentioned his opponents names during the show.

The audience eventually it began to booed off and  saying that they want Emilio Estevez (his brother). In response, Charlie shouted: “I’ve already got the bloody money!”

The program continued with clips from Charlie’s recent output, his war with CBS and an old and unknown movie with a young Johnny Depp. Frustrated by the direction that the show turned, Sheen took a chance and start a session with question and answer with the audience. People continues to booed off  and left the hall one by one.

Eventually, the actor left the scene after one hour the disastrous performance had startedRapper. Simon REXX  sang a song while people comes out of tha room and at 10 and 15 was aired a video by Snoop Dogg called “Winning. “

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  1. Charlie Sheen may be sinking to a new “bottom” and here is an article by sober author Jane Velez-Mitchell: Addict Nation, The Top 5 Addictions in the U.S.. at Addict Nation

  2. Truth: I never laughed once. Oh yeah, that’s because C Sheen doesn’t deserve to have me spend one $ on his c rap – so I didn’t. So for all you maroons that support this Hollywood db ag, I hope you double down so he can binge in style. L M A O @ CS (now there’s something he could trademark!)

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