Charlie Sheen: “Lindsay Didn’t Even Thank Me For Bailout”

Charlie Sheen seems to regret the good deed he made for his co-star Lindsay Lohan. The actor was sad during a recent interview with ET’s Chris Jacobs because Lindsay didn’t even thank him for the bailout, Us Weekly reports.

Even though they don’t have many things in common besides their passion for booze and drugs, Sheen decided to help the troubled star Lindsay Lohan by paying her tax debts. Their friendship grew stronger during the filming of “Scary Movie 5”, so the “Anger Management” star decided to lend her a helping hand.

Charlie donated $100,000 to Lindsay and the actress was finally able to cover some of her debts. While he doesn’t regret the good deed he has made, Charlie confessed he was a bit surprised by the actress’ indifference. He was expecting some form of gratitude from the star, but Lindsay kept mum ever since she received the money.

Aware that he might have publicly criticized the actress, Charlie Sheen tried to correct his initial statement. He confessed during the talk show that he was forced to tell Lohan the money was owed for a past project they did together. It was the only means he could use in order to convince LiLo to take the money. Sheen had offered to pay for Lohan’s debts in the past, but she refused his help.

Sheen further stated that he wouldn’t mind getting a thank you text message from Lindsay, but she doubts the actress will do this very soon. Even so, the former “Two and a Half Men” star wishes Lindsay the best because she is “a very good and decent young lady that is just going through a lot”. If people gave Lindsay time to “to get her s**t together”, Sheen is convinced that she could become the talented actress she once was.

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