Charlie Sheen fired: Who’s gonna replace him?

The fact that Charlie Sheen has serious behavior issues is not a secret anymore. There is more than a year since Sheen is on the first page of every newspaper, being the main topic of gossip. On Monday he was fired from “Two and a half men” the top-rated comedy that brought him fame and success (and also a lot of money).

The producers of “Two and a half men” justify their decision by painting the actor as a self-destructive, sick addict who’s deteriorating mentally and physically while scorning those who have tried to help him. In an official statement Warner Bros Television said that “After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on ‘Two and a Half Men’ effective immediately.” Charlie-Sheen-Fired-From-Two-and-a-Half

Is Charlie Sheen Replaceable ?

  Anyway, this is not a big surprise for anyone considering that ten days ago, Charlie insulted the producer and co-creator of the comedy, Chuck Lorre, by calling him a “clown” and a “ stupid, stupid little man”. This was actually the moment when Chuck Lorre decided that Sheen had a lot of chances to recover himself, but he ignored them.

Warner Bros Television sent to the actor’s lawyer an unusual 11 pages personal appeal, advising him to get Charlie the treatment he needs : “Focus your energies on what no one so far has been able to do: get your client the sustained, rigorous and effective treatment he so urgently needs. It is clear that [Sheen] has no intention of agreeing to the intensive evaluation and treatment that his condition requires.”
    Anyhow, two days ago, Warner Bros Television were undecided whether the show will continue or not. The comedy, in which Sheen plays a womanizing bachelor, is a huge generator of advertising revenue for CBS and makes millions in syndication rights for Warner Bros.

Meanwhile it seems they are planning something considering they are looking a replacement for Sheen. With names like Rob Lowe and John Stamos already being thrown around,  it’s “reasonable to expect” executives are looking at actors who could revive TV’s No. 1 comedy.

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  1. I think it would be great if Charlie Sheen’s brother Emilio could replace him on the show. I’ve seen him in comedic movies and I think he could do a great job. Cast him as one of Charlie Harper’s friends that comes for a visit but stays as a long term house guest. I just feel Mr Sheen does not think about anyone but himself in all of this. My hats off to Jon Cryer for being classy about this whole thing and not going on TV about any of this and keeping silent. He is a class act all the way.

  2. Not replaceable because the show is about Charlie’s life! They may replace Charlie, but no-one will watch. We’ll get to watch the crash and burn. On positive side, let’s see what Charlie’s new adventures will be! Time to change the channel…

  3. Heather. Yes! Charlie Sheen can be replaced.
    Effortlessly and Magically. I can name a few you can.
    Anyone who has been on a drunkin, drug high bender ,
    For about 25 years or so, and leds a life of one night stands
    with floozies, and there you have your man to replace sheen.

  4. Johnny, How old are you.
    Charlie Sheen is not a role model,
    Not for anyone. Not even a fish. he is not to be glorified.
    He is to be pity, Not to be envied like a god, which he is not. He is just a man just like another man, No more and, no less. He is by all means no better than anyone else.
    Not even you. As for a role model. Charlie Sheen could use, A role model right now. One who don’t drink or due drugs to deal with lifes dilemmas.
    One would think, That after all these,
    year of working with John Cryer, Sheen would have, learn something of value. On how to settle your personal life dilemmas, without throughing it all over the media.

  5. Charlie Sheen can not be replaced, I would like to see him get better. But if he can do the work, generate the revenue and make people laugh, what he does in his own free time is none of our concern.

  6. I think that this whole thing is very sad. Charlie reminds me of another actor who sadly could not over come his addictions “Corey Haim”. If someone does not intervene soon I’m afraid he will end up the same way with in a few months. As for the show I think that everyone of the characters is irreplaceable. If Jon Cryer or Angus T. Jones left the show would not survive. The 3 of them make or break this show!! I think Charlie is to sick to know how sick he is and hope he can get the help he desperately needs.

  7. Having personally dealt with the “press” or “media” getting their hands on hearsay and stories, I personally wouldn’t believe everything that the media tells us about Sheen, out of fairness to him. He hasn’t released any public statements or personal media on the topic that we can confirm from him, so until that we don’t know everything.
    As far as Sheen being replaceable goes? In my opinion, he can’t be. A replacement may attract new viewers and may be able to turn the show in a new direction from where it has been with Sheen as one of the starring roles, but any avid Two and a Half Men viewer (like myself) won’t be captivated by a new actor attempting to “replace” the character of Charlie Harper.

    Of course any drunk who has been on a few benders can RELATE to the character Sheen plays, or maybe even lives in every day life, but Sheen has been an awesome and funny actor in many movies and has been hilariously addictive to watch from beginning to end on Two and a Half Men.

    And who can really talk horribly of Sheen just for an act of being rude to his boss if that happened just as it was told? Is everyone in the world going to deny that they have worked for someone they didn’t like or get along with at SOME point? Even if it might have been for a stupid reason? He worked to make money, just like all of us do, he helped generate revenue for the company he worked for, just like all of us do (no matter how miniscule or gigantic the difference we actually make for our company) and he got fired for whatever the reason is between him and the company he worked for.
    Sad, but that’s the reality! Just because his life is made public doesn’t mean people should pick either “he’s a terrible man” or “screw Warner Brothers”, its between the two of them and thats how it should stay. And just simply posting a positive of Charlie Sheen doesn’t take money out of the pockets of those who don’t like him so don’t try to control the thoughts, actions and opinions of those who feel differently than you.
    If Charlie is sick and addicted, I hope he gets the help he needs from his close friends and family, but just think how much tougher it makes things for someone who is so “in the spotlight” because of their talent when they have to read things that aren’t true or that are opinions based on things fed to us by the media and not from the horses mouth!
    Good luck Charlie Sheen! We will see you again I am sure! And good luck to whomever has to attempt to fill his shoes as it will be an impossible task, bit hopefully the replacement develops groupies of their own.. I personally will always follow Sheen’s work! And I am in total agreeance with how classy Jon Cryer has been throughout this as far as the media is concerned!
    Another irreplaceable actor and character on the show and I hope to see him in more, the two of them along with Angus make the show!! 8 seasons ain’t bad boys!!! And congrats to Warner Bros for having a series last as long and make as much money, but give up and move on boys and girls, its dead without Sheen!! May as well change the name if you are going to change one of the stars!!!
    Hope I didn’t offend, just offering a strong personal opinion… Totally Charlie Sheen biased 😀

  8. charlie sheen cannot be replaced on two and a half men..he makes the show!! the producers fired him and kissed their paychecks goodbye because they just lost millions of viewers

  9. It won’t be the same without Charlie but hope they try. Hope they don’t kill the character off so that Charlie can come back when he cleans up his act!

  10. two and a half men is nothing without charlie sheen! he can not be replaced! i dont care what he did or what he said. People are fast at judging someone without even considering what that person could be goin through, or what is goin through his head.

  11. Its gonna suck without Charlie. As everyone has already said, he MADE the show. Goodbye two and a half men. Its ran its course if they try to replace him they’ll f*** it all up.

  12. I wish everone would just STOP!!!! GIVING CHARLIE SHEEN EXCUSES!!!! for his addictions. yes! I do know what Charlie Sheen is going thourgh in his peresonal life. Been there.
    Done that. For fifteen years after my divorce from my husband of only five yrs, I was taken back and forth to court,
    Almost on a daily bases. For custody battle. He thourgh every Lie in the book at me and then some. I thought I would lose my mind, I FELT I HAD LOST CONTROLL, OF EVERTHING I THOUGHT I HAD CONTROLL OF. I knew I needed help,
    instead of turning to drugs and alcohol. I sought help,
    from a phycologist, Not becuse I was accually,
    crazy, I just needed someone to talk to who would understand, what I was going though and to help me through,
    it the right way. on how to handle my promblems and react in,
    the right way. what helped to keep me from turning to drugs and booze, Was to find out what was the most important,
    thing in my life that I truly didn’t want to lose,
    That was my children. When Charlie Decides what is more important to him, His drugs and booze or his Children.
    Thats when and only when he will stop giving himself excuses and allowing others to give him excuses, and give, up his addictions and seek the help that he so desperately needs and really want’s.
    Because he chooses his children, over booze and drugs. Because they are the most important meaning in his life too.

  13. I do like this show but I think that the produces are hypocrites. They put on a show about a guy how drinks, does drugs and has no respect for women but then fire Sheen because he becomes like his show. How can you put a show like this on the air and promote it and make all this money off of Sheen then throw him away when he acts like they want him too. They pretty much created him and made him how he is so they should not blame everything on Sheen. I don’t agree in the way he acts but I do think that Warner Bro are just as much to blame as he is.w

  14. Tanya, You are a very confused person, Charlie did not become a womanizer drug and booze addicted because he played a guy in a TV show who is all those things.
    Charlie Sheen has been this way for almost 25 years,
    His problem with drugs and booze started in the 80’s,
    Not just recently. He has been in and out of rehab for yrs.
    So Lorre ,Warner Brothers and CBS are not to blame for Charlie Sheens problems he has been this way for a lot,
    More yrs than anyone under the age of 37 would know.
    I am only 3 yrs younger than Charlie. I too have watched Charlie all my life, From young guns to two and a half men.
    If you don’t believe me, Than look it up for yourself.
    Or better yet, Get the dvd movie of young guns,
    They talk about his costars putting a goat in his trailer,
    Because of his boozing, drug addictions and his womanizing ways.

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