Charlie Gilmour, Pink Floyd guitarist’s son, in jail

Things are not looking good for Pink Floyd guitarist’s oldest son, Charlie Gilmour. According to Reuters, David Gilmour’s son has been arrested and will spend up to 16 months in jail for violent behavior during a protest in London.

On Friday, during a protest of the students regarding the student fees, which took place in London, Charlie Gilmour, who is 21 years old, was arrested for violent behavior during the protest. He was hanging from a Union Jack flag on the Cenotaph war memorial. He was seen leaping on the car that Prince Charles and Camilla were traveling in, a Jaguar which was part of a convoy.

The lawyer of Charlie Gilmour has struggled to defend him from the effects of another violent outburst which involved him throwing a trash bin towards the car. However, this matter was not disputed anymore when the Press Association said that Judge Nicholas Price reported to Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court in southwest London that the young man had in fact thrown the bin with no hesitation. Gilmour was also charged with destroying a property for breaking the window of a clothing store on Oxford Street, tearing up a mannequin and making off with one of the puppet’s legs.

Gilmour was involved in another protest last year, in December. Back then, he was heard yelling: “We’re going to break all the laws!”

Charlie Gilmour, who is a student at the Cambridge University, was reported to have changed radically since his biological father, Heathcote Williams (an English artist: poet actor, sculptor and painter), wanted nothing to do with him. Since then, he started using drugs and drinking. Prior to the rampage that occurred on Friday, Gilmour had taken LSD and valium.

Guitarist David Gilmour adopted Charlie who was his wife’s son with artist Heathcote Williams. The couple has three more children: Joe, Gabriel and Romany.

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