Channing Tatum Strips For “Magic Mike”

The producers of “Magic Mike” must have known that people won’t rush into theaters to see their movie because they find the storyline interesting. They anticipated that film goers, in general, and women, in particular, will be drawn to Channing Tatum’s pecs like bees to honey. The actor will, thus, strip for his new role as “Magic Mike”, says Us Weekly.

After the success of his latest movie “21 Jump Street”, Channing Tatum has received numerous offers for various productions including “Magic Mike”. The protagonist of the film, Mike, is an experienced stripper who raises money to start his own business. The description didn’t seem interesting to us, either, so don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you.

However, we have decided to give the movie another try, so we watched the trailer. A whole new perspective appeared in front of our eyes and we soon began to realize why women might want to see this film: the frequent stripping numbers that Channing Tatum performs in the movie. Still not good enough? Producers thought some sophisticated film goers might say so and they came up with other attractive elements: Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey. Performing frequent stripping numbers in the movie. No film critic can argue with that.

Channing, however, claims that there’s more to the movie than sexually charged sequences. He recently declared in an interview that the production wanted to point to the fact that strippers are normal people with normal aspirations. Kind of like Flashdance, but for women, we might add.

Tatum confessed that he can understand the movie because he used to be a stripper before he started his acting career. Just like his costar, Matthew McConaughey, the “21 Jump Street” star resorted to stripping in order to make a living, but he never liked taking his clothes off. The past experience turned out to be useful as the actor could better interpret his character. In addition, he learned a lot about men and women and he even enjoyed living on the dark side for a while.

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