Channing Tatum Says There Will Be A “Magic Mike” Sequel

Good news ladies your favorite strippers will be back. During a Twitter interview, Channing Tatum said there will be a “Magic Mike” sequel. Excited yet?

Chippendales are likely the only men that are allowed to ever wear a thong in public. Most of them wear those with pride and skill. With the “Magic Mike” running in cinemas recently, men strippers are back in focus. And good thing the story was catchy, because it looks like producers are looking at a second movie. writes about an interview “Magic Mike” Channing Tatum gave for Glamour UK via Twitter. Among the 13 questions Glamour UK magazine asked the actor, one of them boldly asked about “Magic Mike 2”. “Yes, yes and yes!” answered the 32-year-old actor. “We’re working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger” he added. Bigger, you say?!

As exciting as the news of a “Magic Mike” sequel might sound, don’t lose your head. This June, Channing Tatum told MTV News he’s not actually planning to perform another striptease again. In a statement for, Joe Manganiello, Tatum’s costar, hinted there’s a chance producer will release a sort of prequel.

“We’re actually talking about the possibility of doing the prequel, because if you do the sequel, then you lose Mike” said Manganiello. “Otherwise, what’s Mike going to do? He’s going to come back for one big heist…so, you would do the prequel, how they got there” he added.

Asked if he’d play Christian in “Fifty Shades of Grey”, Tatum said yes if his wife would be allowed to play Ana. “She’s read the books so I don’t think she’d be impressed if she couldn’t be Ana!”.

At the moment, Channing Tatum is working with producers Mike DeLuca and Dana Brunetti in a biopic about Evil Knievel. Daredevil Evil Knievel born Robert Craig Knievel was all the rage back in the 70s when his incredible motorcycle jumps kept audiences breathless. During his stuntman career, Evil Knievel broke 433 bones and even got a toy produced by the Ideal Toy Co. 

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