Channing Tatum and Daughter Everly Are Ready for Halloween

Baking with Daddy and Daughter! Channing Tatum along with his one son, Everly, have gotten into Halloween mood with an effort to bake together.

The Alabama native 41-year-old posted video footage of the father-daughter pair’s cooking adventures on Instagram Story on Saturday, October 16 after having purchased essential ingredients from the supermarket.

“We’re going shopping,” an unidentified Everly 8-year-old said to her father in the car through the Instagram Story video. She was reading the list of their grocery list they had written. “… Then cakes mix.”

Following that the Step Up actor and the elementary school student — who Tatum has with his Ex-wife Jenna Dewan — got their faces painted and completed some sketching with chalk on the sidewalk The two then headed to the kitchen to bake the rainbow chip cake.

Channing Tatum as well as Daughter Everly Are Ready for Halloween with Homemade Ghost Cake We Did It!'
Courtesy of Channing Tatum/Instagram

“We’re two little bakers that have no idea how to bake a cake,” the child chanted while Magic Mike Magic Mike star showcased the different ingredients in front of the camera. “The only one here who knows how to bake a cake is the box.”

Utilizing a box made of “Super Moist Party Rainbow Chip Cake Mix,” butter eggs, flour and eggs, Tatum documented their entire cooking process. In the beginning, Everly advised her father to pour “butter in the pan” to make it grease-free, and then added an egg to the dry ingredients mix. “Bam, egg two in,” the actor chuckled.

The next day later that day, the Foxcatcher star displayed the cake he had baked and it was already covered with white frosting. Then, his daughter made use of an icing tube in black to draw the ghost-like design.

“Yup, definitely the way we planned it,” He added, while Everly traced the body of the project, laughing during the Vow star explained her creative process. “It’s improving every day See it. You’re the creator … The thing is actually sort of working.”

The father continued encouraging his child”Alright, I’m with you. “Alright I’m picking up the things you’re saying. Okay, I’m there.” -He then noted that she’d switched to the “different device” to complete the information.

After their baking adventure with Jupiter Ascending, the actor posted a picture of the result with the caption “We did it and I’m out!”

It is reported that the Sparkella author has been open about being father to a girl as well as the relationship he has with Everly.

“You my littles are everything,” the 21 Jump Street star captioned the June Instagram photo of the couple on the beach. “You are my life and my heart. You were staring towards the moon’s fullness in this picture and told me about the prophecy about the mermaid of the full moon, and then we jumped into the ocean and searched for her. We used glow sticks in the dark water , calling out to the Mermaids. You claimed that you had touched a bald-headed Mermaid and noticed the tail. You will look up this story and you will laugh. We’re having fun.”

Tatum as well as Tatum and the Flirty Dancing show host who is 40 have welcomed their daughter in May of 2013, five years after their divorce. After their divorce, he initially nervous about becoming a single parent.

“When I became a single father, I had a lot of fear about connecting to Everly in every way that a little girl might want,” the Dear John actor told Parents magazine in April. “I did not wear nail polish and didn’t knew how to braid my hair. But now I do both. I jumped into this world of wonder and was blessed with a type of love I’m not sure I’d ever achieve otherwise.”

Via US Magazine

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