Chagas Disease Considered To Be The New AIDS of the Americas

With 20 million people already affected by this tropical parasitic disease, the Chagas disease is likely to turn into a pandemic that will not be contained by the borders of Mexico, the United States or South America. In fact, the Chagas disease is considered to be the new AIDS of the Americas.

A report published in late May in journal PLoS made it clear that the Chagas disease is quite a big risk. Experts in tropical diseases discussed the disease and found several aspects that make Chagas very alike with HIV. Although it is mostly considered a risk for countries with numerous poor populations, the United States has its own share of Chagas cases. Texas seems to be most vulnerable as most of the 30,000 U.S. citizens suffering with Chagas live in southern Texas.

For the layperson, it’s likely the comparison tropical disease experts with Baylor College of Medicine in Texas made looks like a bit too much. But a brief look at the disease’s symptoms and rates of spreading is enough to understand why experts called the Chagas disease the new AIDS of the Americas.

The first official modern era case of Chagas disease was reported in early 1900s, but the kissing bug disease has been a threat for 9,000 years. A parasite, named Trypanosoma cruzi has been found as the cause of the Chagas disease. Once the parasite gets into the body, it begins multiplying within the cells and once the cells can’t contain them they are released into the bloodstream.

The Chagas disease has two phases, but the chronic phase is the more serious as the infection can stay hidden for decades at a time. Although it evolves only in a third of patients, the chronic phase of the Chagas disease tends to be quite damaging, with cardiovascular and intestinal complications.

The report authors explained that there are “a number of striking similarities between people living with Chagas diseased and people who contracted the [HIV/AIDS] in first two decades of the…epidemic”. Also, as the report reads, the “endemic Chagas diseases has emerged as an important health disparity in the America…As a result, we face a situation in both Latin America and the US that bears a resemblance to the early years of the HIV/AIDS pandemic”.

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  1. You didn’t mention a single concrete symptom besides vague “cardiovascular and intestinal complications”. Is there anything to look out for? Why is it dangerous besides being AIDS-like

  2. Dude that is really scary I really hope I don’t get it i hate that all these people got it sorry people i pray that you will be okay god be with us please keep us saved .I love every one and hope that you are really okay.

  3. Um, this is currently incurable. However, relax, it is not passed person to person, through sexual contact etc. It is acquired during the process of being bitten by a specific beetle species, usually near the mouth. This beetle has apparently invaded the southern US but is not amenable to northern climes. It’s most likely acquired in the wild, especially if living in primitive wood abodes.

  4. Complete BS. This is using the word ‘AIDS’ as a scare tactic while side skirting any real useful information.
    Lap it up people

  5. “Um, do a parasite cleanse.”

    Wow! I bet that none of the Doctor’s, third-world Nationals, or U.S. Citizens ever thought of that. Problem solved!

    Yes, I am being sarcastic. Herbal, folk and other natural cures often do not work at all. This will allow the spread of the disease to others…

  6. Most of the cases in the U.S. are seen in poor communities in southern Texas? Obviously, this would mean a large percentage are illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America. And, of course, you will not hear a peep out of the liberal press connecting this major health risk being present in the states to our slack enforcement of immigration law and the massive population of illegal aliens currently living here. Cute.

  7. Chagas disease is a condition caused by the parasite T.cruzi which enters the body through broken skin, most likely a bite by your mouth or eyes, It defecates on the skin of the victim, you scratch it and rub it into your body, it enters the blood stream and you become a host. It is a parasite, only poverty, dirty areas have it usually, it is mostly in Latin America, about 30,000 have in us. , there are clinical trials for it now. It is not a huge deal in America, but is on the rise, cause we travel so much. It kills someone over time. Read about it….google it.

  8. Eddie brown don’t said stupid thinks about illegal immigrants you should do a research about how you can get this disease. This insect is called tick and lives mostly where the cows and cattle. Do your own research.

  9. This disease is beign spread into our country by Illegal aliens for Mexico and Central/South America. Obama doesn’t want to stop them. The liberals don.t want to stop them. They bring Cholera, polio, and now Chagas into our country, along with everything else.

  10. Is anybody aware that a Vaccine for this disease exists since the 1960’s?
    This is news as is that half of the world is dying of diseases that are preventable or that already have a cure.
    The article’s title smells like tabloid headline

  11. This disease has nothing to do with AIDS.
    AIDS is transmitted by gay men having unprotected sex.
    Them queers are always trying to lump in all diseases with AIDS

  12. It would be nice if you could ever read a blog following any article on any topic, that some mindless pissant doesn’t try to turn into a political argument against lib’rals etc. In other words, stay on topic bubba. Regarding Chagas, migrants don’t spread the disease. It’s only transmission apart from an insect bite is through contaminated blood donations, and the U.S. screens for chagas during same.

  13. 1. To the ignorant person that posted earlier… HIV is a virus and can be passed by heterosexual and vaginal sex.

    2. Insects and parasites are not a virus, so how you treat that would be DIFFERENT from fighting AIDS/HIV.

  14. This is absoutlely ridiculous AIDS? 3 weeks ago the news stated that 1/3 of South Americans have tape worms in their brains, now we apparently have a new AIDS epidemic that we should be worried about. HIV/AIDS changed the mindset/lifestyle of an entire generation. Please be more responsible with your choice of words.

  15. The reason they probably called this the new AIDS is because they probably expect this to become an epidemic like AIDS is. Other than that I don’t see the connection. One is caused by a virus and the other is parasitic…

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