CEO Satya Nadella Comes with New Company Strategy

The new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, seems to be making certain moves, part of the new strategy of the company. However, it remains unclear for now what the new CEO plans on doing. 

Microsoft definitely needed a refresh and hopefully for the company, this will actually be the change they needed. Satya Nadella was named CEO of Microsoft last month. Soon after that, he announced that two top-ranking executives will departure from the company. 

Tony Bates left Microsoft at this point, Bates being the former CEO of Skype. Naturally, he joined the corporation following the purchase of Skype by the tech giant.

Tami Reller is the other person who will leave the company. Reller served as executive vice president for marketing.

The two are going to leave the company immediately, while the reason for their departure remains unknown. 

Moreover, the CEO announced new roles for Mark Penn and Chris Capossela. Naturally, this led to a lot of speculation on what Microsoft plans on doing next and why the new CEO made such a move. 

Mark Penn has already been named chief strategy officer, Nadella saying that he is the right person for this position. “His focus on using data to quickly evaluate and evolve our campaigns has driven new insights and understanding,” Nadella claimed referring to Penn. 

Actually, the new role that Penn will have at Microsoft was the most debated fact regarding the change that the company is going through at the moment. Some claimed that this is a promotion, while others considered it a demotion. 

However, Nadella praised Penn and his abilities to do a great job at Microsoft. It is expected for Bill Gates to serve as a technical adviser to Nadella. What will happen next at Microsoft remains a mystery. Still, most analysts seem to believe that the refresh that Nadella is planning for the company is actually a must for Microsoft at this point. 

Microsoft struggled to catch up with Apple or Google and the company needs a perfect strategy to achieve that. If these changes are good choices or not is yet to find out.

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