Celine Dion is back on stage!


After a well deserved pause, the music diva Celine Dion is back on stage. She decided to refresh her career by having a personal musical event called “Celine”. The opening concert was at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas last night, and the diva was welcomed back with arms wide open by hundreds of fans.
    She impressed her audience, not only by her powerful and charming voice, but also by her vitality.

On the stage, she was accompanied by drummers, trumpeters and violinists. Although she gave birth to twin boys, last year in October, she looks great and she showed it to everybody by wearing sparkly mini dressed on the stage. And all those dresses looked so good on the 42 years old second time mother (she already had a 10 years old son, besides her twins).

The French-Canadian star sang all the romantic songs that made her famous: “My heart will go on”or “It’s all coming back to me now”. During her performance she also shared a pre-recorded duet with the legendary Stevie Wonder. The “Celine” show is actually a three years contract, under which she will perform 70 shows a year.

Considering that her last show titled “ A new day”, that started in 2003 and ended in 2007, was a real success, the producers expect for this one to be even more successful. “A new day” grossed back then more than $400 million and though it opened to bad reviews it was actually a commercial triumph. So far the sale tickets for “Celine” exceeded the sales for “A new day”.
    On the Las Vegas stage, the diva will sing not only her greatest hits but also famous tunes from different artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Jackson, or Elvis Presley. Her husband and manager Rene Angelil said in a statement for the Canadian press : “This draws attention to her voice, which is better than ever, by the way. The audiences will see more Céline, and that’s also what they want.”

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  1. We have now seen both of Celine’s shows – A New Day certainly entertained with the dancing and singing, but her new show certainly shows off her singing abilities. It was absolutely amazing.

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