Celebs React To Hurricane Sandy

Celebrities, like the rest of the people living on the East Coast, are worried about the effects that hurricane Sandy could have on their lives and properties. The majority of them took to the Twitterverse to share their concerns, prayers and why not, their irritation, Us Weekly reports.

Hurricane Sandy didn’t just flood the streets of New York and other states on the East Coast, but also the Twitterverse. Ever since the first warnings were issued, the posts kept on coming on the social network. The majority of the messages were, obviously, published by celebrities, who look to share their feeling with their thousands of followers.

Lindsay Lohan appeared to be less irritated by the hurricane itself and more annoyed by the general state of hysteria that has settled in ever since “Frankenstorm” was announced.  She rhetorically asked why was everyone so obsessed with the hurricane, whom she calls Sally, and suggested everyone to “think positive and pray for peace”.

Jimmy Kimmel kept his fans up-to-date with the evolution of the weather condition. He was, nevertheless, more preoccupied that the powerful wind could force them to call off their shows. Kim Kardashian is back in Miami, so she wrote her Twitter followers letting them know that she managed to avoid the storm. Despite this, she is still worried about people in New York. Her sister, Khloè, simply stated that she is praying for everyone living on the Eastern coast.

TV show host, Larry King wanted to know whether Sandy was a boy or a girl. Olivia Wilde, on the other hand, thinks the number of hurricanes might have increased with the appearance of Twitter. “Were there this many hurricanes before Twitter? #justsayin,” the actress wrote.

However, the most encouraging message came from Vinny Guadagnino. The “Jersey Shore” reality TV star heard someone say: “we made it through #9/11 we can make it through anything” and shared the message to lift people’s spirits.

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