Celebrity Chef Paula Deen Is Sued For Sexual Harassment

Two months later after Paula Deen came forward about struggling with diabetes, the media is once again putting her in focus as a former employee is accusing the celebrity chef for sexual harassment.

For a celebrity life isn’t as glamorous and easy as the TV makes it. In fact for a lot of people having to cope with a famous reputation and every day chores can be a hassle. Celebrities are mortals and vulnerable just like all the other people to a lot of factors. Paula Deen is one celebrity that has to cope in her daily life with a not so easy to handle health condition and a demanding spotlight life.

Apart from having to deal with her diabetes, Paula Deen has another issue to handle these days. The celebrity chef is being sued for sexual harassment by the former general manager of a Savannah restaurant that Paula Deen owned with her brother.

Lisa Jackson is the woman that claims she was sexually harassed and forced to work in a hostile environment where physical intimidation, racial comments and sexual suggestive remarks made her feel uncomfortable. According to Jackson’s complaint with the Chatham County Superior she quit her job as general manager for the Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House restaurant after her physician recommended her a different life style. Apparently she was constantly suffering from panic attacks and other stress related disorders caused by the work environment at the restaurant.

The allegations the former general manager listed include a series of comments that could make even the bold feel a little shy. Take for instance the following comment, allegedly made by Paula Deen: “If you think I have worked this hard to lose everything because of a piece of p**sy, you better think again”.

Paula Deen’s brother, Bubba Hiers has been accused by Lisa Jackson to have brought “inescapable pornography” at the workplace most of the time, while constantly using the computer in the kitchen to browse and watch XXX websites. Apparently, Bubba has also asked Jackson to bring pictures of herself when she was younger.

So far, neither Paula Deen nor her brother have released any comments regarding the lawsuit and allegations against them.

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