Celebrities Who Went to Jail

This shows that even the most famous beautiful talented people can spend time behind bars. Here is a list of some of the celebrities that broke the law and paid for it

Lindsay Lohan – She was charged for violating her probation on two 2007 drunk-driving and cocaine possession charges and sentenced to 90 days in prison.

Paris Hilton – The heiress of the Hilton empire was sentenced to 45 days in prison in June 2007 for violating a previous probation. She made a big fuss about it and said that jail was traumatizing for her. She was released after serving only 23 days.

Robert Downey Jr. – He spent time behind bars for drug possession. Under the influence, he broke into a neighbor’s house and passed out in the child’s room. It cost him his relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker and one year in prison.

Sean Penn – He served 33 days in jail, in 1987, for fight. He was originally sentenced to 60 days.

Mike Tyson – The boxer was arrested in 1991 for raping an 18 year-old-girl. The trial lasted 1 year. In 1992 Tyson was convicted to 10 years of prison, from which 6 were to serve inside a prison and 4 on probation. He got out in 1995.

Kelsey Grammer – The Cheers series star was sentenced to a month in jail in 1988 for driving drunk and drug possession. Then, in 1990 he was arrested again for cocaine possession. Since then, he has been in several lawsuits. The most recent one was opened in August 2008 for stealing a screenplay.

Wesley Snipes – He got 3 years in jail for failing to file his taxes. He started serving his sentence in December 2010, so we won’t see him around for a while.

Sophia Loren – She was convicted for 30 days for time evasion. This happened in June 1982. She was released from the women’s prison in Caserta, Italy  after serving 17 days.

Lil Kim – Kimberly Denise Jones lied to a Federal grand jury about one of her friends’ involvement in a shooting outside Manhattan Hot 97 studio.  She was sentenced to one year in prison, 30 days home detention and 3 years probation afterwards. She got out after serving only 10 months.

Nick Hogan – In 2008 Hulk Hogan’s son spent 6 months in jail because of DUI and crash. He got out for nice behavior, but still had to do 500 hours of community service. Also, his driving license was suspended for 3 years. He should be able to drive again by now. So watch out!

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