Celebrities who recreated their most iconic roles : Reese Witherspoon, Ashley Tisdale

A blast into the past! The audience used to have waiting for sequels or continuation of a series to see a new glimpse of their favourite characters. But thanks to the internet and celebrities, they are able to give their fans exactly what they want by bringing their old-fashioned shows into the present.

A lot of actors will find every opportunity to revisit their favourite characters. There are some who celebrate a significant momentous occasion, such as that time Reese Witherspoon recreated the infamous “Bend and Snap” for the 15th anniversary of Legally Blonde in 2016. Some have attempted to draw attention to a worthy cause, like the stars of New Girl together in order to get viewers to vote in the presidential election in 2020.

The New Girl cast try to encourage viewers voting, also the women from One Tree Hill. A little over a decade since that One Tree Hill season final episode aired in 2012 stars from the past, including Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz reunited on Zoom to bring about change on the #registerafriend day.

In July of 2020 The three women gathered on the Zoom conference as their respective characters three characters – Brooke (Bush), Haley (Lenz) and Peyton (Burton) for a chance to reconnect and keep their fans informed about what they’ve been missing for the last eight years. Haley was quarantined during the coronavirus epidemic and was stressed over her children coloring the walls while Peyton stated that she is attending scheduled a School Board meeting. Brooke is, for her part was making plans for a campaign. She displayed the button she distributed to her students as she ran for president of the student council in high school.

“It’s Register a Friend Day and I’m going to verify! I didn’t want anyone to be shamed anyone, but, as you know, friends shouldn’t allow friends to have a vote.” Bush said in the character of.

Moving in the new age, celebrities are taking to the online social networking platform TikTok and taking their classic roles along. People who have been loyal to them tend to “like” and comment on the short, 60-second reruns of classic films they can play in a loop. In the moment that Drew Barrymore donned her pink prom dress and braces to return Josie Grossie from the hit romantic comedy from the 90s Never Been Kissed in August 2020, she adapted the awkward dance moves of a teen gestures, responses and gestures to a contemporary fashion on TikTok.

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