Celebrities Gone Eco-Friendly

Today, Earth-friendly clothing is not expensive anymore.

Some important names in everyday fashion have turned to natural organic materials and are supported by a wide range of celebrities that have gone eco-friendly for some time now: Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Courtney Cox, Julia Roberts and Maggie Gylenhaal are just some of the VIP supporters of environmental-friendly lifestyle .

One episode of “The Thread” shows you how you can help nature and be gorgeous at the same time.
H&M is one of the clothing manufacturers that have eco-friendly offers and small prices.

A 60s dress model with long lace sleeves that looks just amazing on any type of figure, is only 49.99 dollars. A similar model was worn by Natalie Portman on a Vanity Fair Party. She had it accessorized with golden high heel sandals.

All the pieces in the new H$M collection are made from organic cotton, recycled polyester.
Famous brand Levi has begun constructing jeans after an earth-friendly recipe, using 28% to 96% less water in the process.

The “waterless” jeans are 69.95 dollars. Wear them with some high heels from Zoe & Zack for 29.99 dollars, which are made of recycled rubber and organic cotton. If you’re not a high heels fan, try a more comfortable design like the flats from Born, also from organic materials. They are made using eco-friendly procedures and are available at a price of 95 dollars.
You can find all sorts of accessories and clothes, from t-shirts, dresses, shoes, to scarves, and sun glasses.
When it comes to celebrities going eco, Emma Watson takes the stand with her new eco-friendly clothing line.

She became the creative advisor for People Tree, which released a rich collection of knitwear with cotton shirts, jersey dresses and shorts.
“I wanted to help People Tree produce a younger range because I was excited by the idea of using fashion as a tool to help alleviate poverty,” she said. “I think young people like me are becoming increasingly aware of the humanitarian and environmental issues surrounding fast fashion.”

Like we said, young Emma isn’t the only supporter of the environment. Natalie Portman has been a vegetarian all her life and is a longtime supporter of animal rights. Gwyneth Paltrow supports composting process, which is an earth-friendly alternative to chemical-laden fertilizers and reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfill.

But the “greenest” celebrity (according to Elle Magazine) is Leo di Caprio. His recently purchased a state-of-the-art green condo in New York City.

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