Celebrating Pi Day In America

There are few nations that celebrate the Pi Day, but America is one of them according to Washington Post. The decision to organize a special day when the mathematical constant is celebrated throughout the United States was adopted because the number pi, or 3.14159, was crucial in the development of the modern era.

If it hadn’t been for this constant, ancient civilizations wouldn’t have been able to evolve into the modern states we know today. Thanks to pi, people in Egypt and Babylon were able to protect themselves against floods, to build pyramids and ziggurats and to study the astronomy. Given the importance that this mathematical constant has had in our lives, it was necessary to have an International Pi Day; therefore, pi is celebrated on March 14, that is, 03.14.

This tradition was first started on March 14, 1988 when scientists at the San Francisco museum of science called Exploratorium organized a special exhibition. Larry Shaw was the man who came up with the idea that was later on, adopted by increasingly more museums, schools and universities across America.

There aren’t many things individual people can do during the International Pi Day, except for developing pi-related or pi-named activities. As a consequence, most people who decide to make something special on March 14 usually choose to prepare pies because they resemble circles and the slices remind us of the pi constant. You can also create pi puns or you may very well engage in singing pi songs. If you like nerdy activities more than anything else, you won’t have any difficulties solving several problems of geometry.

Scientists at Exploratorium have many more reasons to celebrate Pi Day as March 14 is also Einstein’s birthday. The museum has planned numerous festivities because they will relocate to Pier 15 in 2013, so “geeks” all over the world can savor lots of pizzas and apple pies if they decide to pay a visit to the museum on Wednesday.

The Pi Day was recently adopted in other countries, as well. However, this tradition is more frequent in China and Japan.  

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