Celebrate Moustaches In The Month of ‘Movember’!

The month of Movember has just begun, but men have already started to grow facial hair in order to celebrate moustaches. The initiative is not meant only for fun purposes, but also for health causes because the events that will be organized at the end of the month will help raise awareness in relation to men’s health issues.

Men across the United States were all waiting for the month of Movember to get started on November 1st. The majority of them will let their facial hair grow in order to celebrate moustaches, but also to bring awareness on important health issues concerning men, such as, prostate and testicular cancer. If everything goes according to their plans, by the end of the month, men will be able to show off their big moustaches during Movember events.

Movember was a worldwide success last year when over 854,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas agreed to get their moustaches sponsored and, thus raise $126.3 million for nonprofit organizations. The American Cancer Society received the greatest part of the money for researches.

America is not the only country celebrating Movember; in fact, there are more than 1.9 million members in dozens of countries worldwide. The end of the month is marked with special “Mo Parties” where people get to shave their moustaches off in front of cheering crowds. Money is usually raised from the selling of moustache themed standees, columns, lollipops, yard signs, banners, candy bars, and large decorations.

The American Cancer Society praises this initiative and hopes many men will contribute to their noble cause. Based on their recent reports, 1 in 6 men is likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Moreover, 360 men are expected to die this year as a result of testicular cancer and another 28,170 from prostate cancer, so growing moustaches seems like a small price to pay.

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